Monday, 5 December 2011

As you may have noticed I haven't blogged in ages, which is very, very bad!

I will return to my blogging mission in a few weeks, I've got so much to say and I wish you could see how much work I have saved to draft which I haven't posted.

Over the Christmas period I shall be blogging as much as I once was, and letting you all know what I've been up to; until then Keep Calm and Merry On x

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Something I Think You Should Hear...

*** UPDATED! ***

Frank Ocean - Nostalgia/Ultra

Now I don't know a lot about Frank Ocean and Odd Future, but what I do know is this mixtape is a great starting point for Mr. Ocean's career.

What I won't say is that Frank Ocean is original because every artist draws influence from someone but Ocean's music is very refreshing and if he makes all the right moves he'll definitely be one of the heavy hitters before 2011's over.

Nostalgia/ULTRA is a good mixtape because it's just good music, he has original tracks and he has taken samples from some unlikely tunes but he's made it work. I can't say that I can relate to everything he is singing about but it's that raw realness that makes this mixtape a good'un. My hopes for Frank Ocean is that he continues to stay on this high, release more music and don't change for the sake of making an album that can appeal to all because that's not what it's about.

Favourites on this mixtape are 'Nature Feels', 'We All Try' and the song below 'Swim Good'.

Frank Ocean - Swim Good

Let me know what you think about Nostalgia/ULTRA

Thursday, 15 September 2011

I Literally Can't Get Enough!!


J. Cole - Can't Get Enough feat. Trey Songz

Yeah and if you're wondering that is Rihanna...

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Why So Serious?

I recently caught up with Chipmunk at the Mercy Prize Awards, and he's revealed that he will be changing his to Chip.
The Champion rapper who is currently taking a break from recording music has said he has decided to shorten his stage name, and knock off the ‘munk’.
When asked what he planned to change his name to, he said, ‘It would only be Chip. If I do it will just be Chip.’
This is a tried and tested method in hip-hop with several rappers choosing to change their names to represent growth, or to purely stay relevant.
The likes of pint size rapper Lil Bow Wow, got rid of the ‘Lil’ in 2003. Southern rapper T.I. seems to have trouble deciding whether to remain as T.I. or to be TIP. Biggie Smalls ended up becoming The Notorious BIG.
But no-one has been more back and forth in the name changing game than mogul Sean Combs. He went from Puff Daddy to Puffy, then it was P. Diddy, and now it’s just Diddy.
Perhaps one day Chip, formerly known as Chipmunk will just be known as C.

Chipmunk - Hustle Hard

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...


This post is dedicated to my little Sister - Happy Birthday!

I've gotta admit I'm quite pleased with myself with this edition of 'Fresh From The Editing Suite'.
It's like playing 6 degrees of seperation, the only artist who's missing from this is Beyonce.

Rihanna - Cheers

Although I do believe these are the laziest type of videos an artists can make I love them. Nothing beats seeing behind the scenes footage of all that goes on when these stars are on the road, especially when you're actually interested in what they get up to. 'Cheers' is yet another release from Rihanna's Loud album, and the video documents all she's been up to in the last few months. The video also shows her sporting her new hairstyle and colour which I'm really feeling; finally the red is dead and buried.

Nicki Minaj - Fly (feat. Rihanna)

Once upon a time I was a massive Nicki Minaj fan but since her "fashion" sense upgraded to crazy I've switched off. In this video she does well to rock a couple crazy looks, none of which help to put across the potentially inspiring story behind this song. The video isn't really anything special, and I'm really struggling to understand the bit when she goes all ninja on some dudes. And am I the only one who thinks the video was located on the exact same set as Chris Brown's video 'Next To You'; very coincidental.

Lil' Wayne - How To Love

So Tha Carter 4  is here. Anyway. Yeah the hype around Weezy is pretty much gone, and 'How To Love' isn't exactly the best song to use to try to resuscitate the hype. I know it's meant to be one of those deep tracks that make you think but I want a song I can dance to man. The story in the video good but it's been done before, that's not to say that any video treatments nowadays are unique but it could've been done in a refreshing way.

Jay Z & Kanye West - Otis

Ok, my hands are up, I was not excited about Jay & Kanye getting together to make an album because their bromance is a tad bit annoying. But it'd be rude not to appreciate the great music that they make when they hit the studio. 'Otis' unlike 'H.A.M.' is very enticing to the ear and also typical Kanye, and the added element of Jay Z makes it that much better. The video's fun to watch, like who doesn't want to see rappers "discreetly" show off how much money they have by making a video that doesn't have a lot to it.

J. Cole - Work Out

'Work Out' is definitely my favourite song in this bunch, what should I say about the brilliance that is J. Cole? Maybe I'll just start by saying he has smacked it, this is the feel good song of the summer (even though it's more or less over), this track makes going back to the office that bit more bearable, and it 100% gets you ready for the weekend. The video to accompany the track is pretty standard for Cole, not too much going on but you still wanna watch it to see what goes down. Looking forward to the album, which I shall be pre-ordering...COLE WORLD!!

And just in case you missed my six degrees of separation let me break it down for you:

Rihanna obviously features on Nicki Minaj's track, Nicki's part of Young Money which is Lil' Wayne's clique, Wayne and Jay Z have collaborated on tracks together and are the Mr. Carters, and then finally J. Cole was the first artist to be signed to Jay Z's label Roc Nation #SICK

Monday, 29 August 2011

Really Ouick

Baby BJ
Beyonce's done it again! No - not made an album full of monster hits, from which every single is destined for the top spot (that's the norm for this lady). What she done last night was even bigger...

She's announced that her and her husband (Jay Z - for those of you who might not have heard of him) are expecting their first child. Now we all know that bigger than two mega-celebrities getting hitched is two mega-celebrities breeding mini-mega-celebs...Shear madness!!

This is really exciting because Beyonce seemed like one of those women who really wasn't trying to get involved in all the baby-making. In fact, I recall her once saying she wasn't going to have children after witnessing the birth of her nephew. However, I guess it was one of those things you say when you don't see it happening, but boy is it all unfolding now.

More exciting than that is it seems that with the release of her current album, Beyonce's been keen to show us that she is actually a human (not the robot diva I once thought she was). Since the release of '4' we've seen her cry on stage, speak openly about her relationshipb with Jay Z, and she even said "I love me some Jay Z". Also we've seen alot more skin and less of those granny type skin colour tights that she loves. But yes, in proving that she's human having a baby pretty much tops the list.

In closing, I can't wait to see who's features the baby adopts, and more nail biting what are they gonna have? A boy? A girl? Twins...I'm thinking twins, one boy and one girl...On a serious note, I do wish the couple all the best at this glorious time.

Peep her latest video, which I have to say is probably my favourite Beyonce video yet, because I love the visuals:

Beyonce - 1+1

(I guess 1+1 = Baby - sorry I had to *covers face*)

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Put That Song On Replay | Rest In Peace

10 years ago, singer Aaliyah died in a plane crash, and as untimely as her death was she left this world with the greatest gift ever - her music. Although it's been a decade, Aaliyah definitely made music which has stood the test of time, and still has the power to stop and make you pay attention. She was/is probably the coolest R&B singer, and she brought her effortless swagger to every single song.

Below are some videos that Aaliyah graced the world with before her life was tragically cut short. With this post I'm not only paying my respects to Aaliyah, but I'm also saying 'Rest In Peace' to pilot Luis Morales III, hair stylist Eric Forman, Anthony Dodd, security guard Scott Gallin, video producer Douglas Kratz, stylist Christopher Maldonado, and Blackground Records employees Keith Wallace and Gina Smith who all lost their lives on August, 25th 2001 - R.I.P. Aaliyah (January 16, 1979 - August 25, 2001).

If Your Girl Only Knew

One In A Million

Rock The Boat

We Need A Resolution

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite

Jessie J - Who's Laughing Now

Obviously I do not like this song and I'm seriously losing rspect for Jessie J as an artist.
Ofcourse I'm proud of Jessie J for breaking into the industry the way she did but I really don't think the tracks she's chosen to release really show her true potential. Like I've said, I understand that everyone needs an image to base their talent on but I think Jessie J needs to tone it down. The message behind this song could've been done in a better way. Simples.

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think x

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Rest In Peace

Amy Winehouse
It's a sad day in the world of entertainment as we have lost a very bright star; Amy Winehouse, 27, sadly passed away today. Although official reports are yet to confirm the cause of death, it has to be said that only a hand few can say, 'they didn't see this coming.' The news of Winehouse's death has come as a shock, but at the same time it was only a matter of time before either she (seriously) admitted herself into rehab or died.

Nonetheless, the girl could sing, she was a delight to watch perform, and amongst all a real person. She'll be missed by many, and I really hope she recorded enough music before her untimely death, which will help her undeniable talent live on - R.I.P. Amy Winehouse (14th September, 1983 - 23rd July, 2011).

The song below was taken from her debut album, Frank and will always be my favourite song by her:

Amy Winehouse - Stronger Than Me

Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Moments For Life

As you may have realised I haven't been uploading posts as regularly as I used to, and it's mainly because I've been busy. I've been really busy - mostly celebrating uni being over; no I'm joking, I've been interning at more! magazine. So far it's been great but this week it become amazing...

Yeah...I Didn't Quite Make It To The Front Cover
 So you're probably thinking, "if you're not on the front cover where are you?" Of course you're not thinking that, because that would be mean. I got a by-line, and not once but twice *happy dance* If you turn to page 99, you'll see my beauty reiew on some of the hottest products available in our high street stores. Then move back a couple more pages, to page 56 and you should be viewing a feature entitled 'Where are the WORLD'S HOTTEST MEN?' I was lucky enough to interview 26 year old model, Fabrice Essomba from France, who unknown to him granted me a by-line.

Then tonight (as if I had gotten over the excitement of my by-line in more!) I got word that a feature I wrote whilst interning at Catch 22 had been published. 'The Invisibles' is to date the most challenging feature I have written and I almost cried when I saw it on the page. Please take your time to flick through the magzine which I have embedded below, as it has a host of great young writers within it's content.

Also something I should've blogged about ages ago, was a gig my wonderful mentor DeeDee Doke got me. Last month I was invited to the Recriter Awards and asked to tweet about the event. This night was one of my first industry events and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Tweeting about the ceremony also handed me a by-line, which appeared in the magazine and ONLINE

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Rest In Peace

Michael Jackson

I can't believe it's been two years already. Who could forget the day the tragic news that legend Michael Jackson passed away at age 51. He will forever be an icon and it's only right I remember the genius. So below is one of my favourite MJ song - I hope you enjoy. R.I.P. Michael Jackson (29th August, 1958 - 25th June, 2009)

Michael Jackson - In The Closet

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

Frank Ocean -Novacane

If you don't know about Frank Ocean by now then I really have to ask where have you been?
This guy dropped one of 2011's sickest mixtapes a little while back, and he has managed to keep a pretty low profile which has kept us all wanting more. This song 'Novacane' is definitely one of my favourites from 'Nostaglia/ULTRA', and I'm so happy he decided to put some visuals to the words.
The video is nothing less than odd, but hey he is part of OFWGKTA, so what did we expect. I like that the video pushes the feeling of the high he experiencing in the song. The video also has a pretty cool ending too. I'm hoping a video for 'Nature Feels' surfaces soon, because that's my jam.

Kanye West - Monster ft. Rick Ross, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver

So footage for this single dropped about four months ago but it just didn't seem finished. Turns out I was right, the video wasn't complete. Above is the official video for Mr. West's biggest banger to date 'Monster'. This track is in itself a monster; it features too many heavy hitters, who each grace this track with some wicked verses. The video is classic Kanye - genius. I've probably said this before but he hands down has the best videography out there. The only criticism I have for this video is Nicki Minaj's lace wig - girl!

Nicola Roberts - Beat Of My Drum

There's no doubt that I prefer this debut single to those of Cheryl's and Nadine's. I like that Nicola is embracing her own style and her sound (unlike the other two it isn't outdated or fake). Now to get stuck in...There are three things I dislike a lot about this song and video (1) Diplo bumped her because certain beats in this song sound way too similar to those from Beyonce's latest single 'Run The World (Girls)'. (2) Nicola doesn't yet seem like she's all that comfortable making a video without four other girls. (3) Finally Nicola needs to leave some of the dance moves she attempts alone - bye girl, fly girl!

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Saturday, 4 June 2011

30 Seconds In The Mind Of...

Lukas Grout
Strike A Pose, There's Nothing To It - VOGUE!
Introducing soon to be supermodel/world famous actor/graphic designer and waiter extraodinaire, Lukas Grout, 20. The humble soul from North London describes himself as tall, talkative and hungry (don't ask). Currently a graphic design student at Central Saint Martin's, Lukas explains that putting together his portfolio for his entrance interview was his most challenging experience. Now the face of Topman, his proudest moment came when he strutted his stuff during three shows at London Fashion Week.
Well! If I say so myself, being asked to do this interview has to come second to that moment. So here you have it, 30 seconds in the mind of LG...(not the mobile phone brand)...

What couldn't you live without?
I'm afraid it's my Crackberry; I'm a total addict.

What would you say is your worst habit?
I over worry about EVERYTHING!

What do you find really annoying in other people?
Unjustified arrogance.

What is your guilty pleasure?
The Only Way is Essex...of course (smiles). 

What would be your dream job?
Something that will combine everything I've learnt and love. Alas I'm yet to find that job title.

ONE thing that no-one knows about you...
I used to look like the milky bar kid whenIi was little. White hair, glasses - the lot. I'm still waiting to audition for the advert.
Lukas' Favorites
Someone To Watch Over Me - it's an oldy

Anything with 'Crazy Cat' in the title. So I searced for 'Crazy Cat', a lot came up, and this is what I decided to pick...

Youtube or Twitter

You can follow Lukas on TWITTER 

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

Rihanna - Man Down

Do I like this video? I'm not sure. I'm not that fond of the song but I'm not sure at all about how I feel about the video. You guys already know where I stand in terms of Rihanna's red hair (GIRL!) I think the hair is way too long and the mermaid look is not working for me.

Now I totally get and respect the look Rihanna wanted to create for the video but whether or not it has worked is the question. I'm happy that she opted for a video with a narrative, and round of applause to her for the ability to hold up a powerful scene. 

I think what's troubling me here is whether the video's somewhat exploiting what happened to her a few years ago. Saying that I'm fully aware that what happened to her was on a whole  different spectrum of abuse, but I just don't know. Feel me in on your reactions to the video because I'm seriously undecided.
Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

B E Y O N C E ! !


She's officially back...

Beyonce - Run The World (Girls)

So I'll be the first one to admit that when the snippet of this track first surfaced I didn't like it. Then the full version was "leaked" and I still didn't like it, and finally a re-worked version of it was released and it was a unanimous no from me. But being a true love to hate Beyonce fan, I waited for the video to surface before I finalised my decision. The video's here and she's done it again - she's won me over. I've been singing and dancing to this song nonstop, as if to say I wrote the single.

However (puts my I hate Beyonce hat on) I'm not feeling some of the outfits in this video. In fact I only like the black ensemble she wears in the first dance sequence with the two dudes. Other than that it's clear to see she's let her Mum start styling her again - not cool. Also I'm not feeling how she's catted both Gaga and Shakira, and I'm definitely not feeling the very Nicki Minaj face she pulls before the hook comes in.

Nonetheless (puts my I love Beyonce hat on) I like that the video's a bit out there for Beyonce and the dancing is fabulous. I'm also liking that we're seeing a deliberately sexy side of her, which adds a whole lot more human characteristics to her.

All in all, I'm impressed but I'm yet to be blown away. Saying that - check out the video below of her performance from the Billboard Awards (I'm semi-blown away):

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Something I Think You Should Watch...

The Hangover Part II

I cannot wait to watch this - The Hangover II hits screens in the UK on May 26th and I will definitely be watching it. I watched the first film way after it was released and to this date I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. The first Hangover was filled with some many tummy tightening moments that watching part two is a must. From the trailer it's obvious to see that the film will be following the same structure as the last. Although many film critics fear that this film won't be as great as the last because it seems too predictable, I think that if this film adheres to the same formula as part one then it should be a good watch, and more importantly a good laugh.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

30 Seconds In The Mind Of...

Rochelle Jeanine


East London based photographer Rochelle Jeannine, 21, describes herself as crazy, cute and creative. Weeks away from completing her photography degree at Middlesex University, she states that her future aspirations are to build a very successful career as a photographer, and live in another country. Rochelle claims that her three years at university have definitely been her most trying times, but to counter that, she explains how meeting her boyfriend somewhat balanced out the stress levels. With her sights set on capturing the world, she kindly granted me 30 seconds to pick her brain, and here's what I managed to get...

What couldn't you live without?
My cameras, music phones and cake.

What would you say is your worst habit
Sleeping or just laying in bed after my alarm has gone off and I've hit the snooze button about five times.

What do you find really annoying in other people
People who think they're better then other for whatever reason. Also people who think they know everything and are aways right - annoying.

What is your guilty pleasure?
(Smiles) Slow Jams.

What is your most treasured possession?
It has to be my bed.

ONE thing that no-one knows about you...
I threw pink unworn thongs at Raheem Devaughn whilst he was on stage, and he caught and smelt them. (She giggles) I sprayed them with Moschino perfume!

Rochelle's Favourites
Anything by Raheem Devaughn - She's Not You, Ask Yourself, Marathon;  I could go on...


I don't go on too many sites, so I guess it's Internet banking sites (Laughs).
You can follow Rochelle Jeannine on TWITTER or check out his WEBSITE (and look out for the person on the homepage - you might recognise her)

Video Of The Week

I'm a day away from completing my university degree and I really needed something to push me to the finish line, and I think I may have found it. 'Move Your Body' by Beyonce is a revised version of 'Get Me Bodied', which featured on her second album 'B'Day'. This video and song are part of a campaign called 'Let's Move' which is backed by Michelle Obama to get young people active. Although I found some of her vocals on this track a bit jarring, I really enjoyed watching the video and once these assignments are out of the way, I'm going to attempt to learn all the steps. Check it out:

Saturday, 23 April 2011

30 Seconds In The Mind Of...

Toby K
The Very Talented Mr. K

Diddy, Lil' Wayne, Rihanna, Travie McCoy and Will Smith - what do they all have in common?
Now obviously they are all musicians but that's not the correct answer; the correct answer is Toby K.

Toby K, 16, hails from the UK and has proved that he is one to watch. The young artist describes himself as blessed, passionate and motivated. He specialises in digital artwork and he has continued to astonish his celebrity subjects with his life like painting, sketches and caricatures. He claims that his proudest moments have come when people compliment his artwork, and receiving feedback from art critics and his ever growing celebrity admirers. He recently impressed Travie McCoy who tweeted, "@TobyK I've seen it homie, it's brilliant! Good job, I'm beyond flattered, you're very talented one young squire!!!" Toby K is currently completing his GCSEs, and one day hopes to go to university to study art and improve his craft. So it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the mind of Toby K...

What couldn't you live without?

What would you say is your worst habit?
I'm constantly on my iPhone.

What do you find really annoying in other people?
I can't stand lazy people who have no ambition, and those who aren't willing to work to improve.

What is your guilty pleasure?
(Laughs) Keeping up with the Kardashians.

What would be your dream job?
Anything involving art and working with great people on exciting projects.

ONE thing no-one knows about you...
I read a bit of the Bible every day.

Toby K's Favourites
At the moment - Black & Yellow by Wiz Khalifa., but of all time it has to be Forever by Drake because I love it.



You can follow Toby K on TWITTER or check out his BLOG

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

Bruno Mars - Lazy Day

This song basically explains what I will be doing on April 28th after I hand in all my assignments. The video made me laugh and showed a different side to Bruno Mars and it just really got me excited for the prospect of uni being over so I can just chill. The Monkeys that he is dancing and singing with perhaps give us an insight into just how cookey Bruno's mind is; all in all, I really like this and I hope Bruno keeps it up because he is definitely proving there is more to him than meets the eye.

Jessie J - Nobody's Perfect

Someone that is proving there isn't more to them than what meets the eye is Jessie J - now there is no denying that the lady can sing but I wish they would stop with all the gimmicks. Jessie J's talent could speak volumes if they just let it speak for itself (like Adele). I understand that Jessie J has a personality but so does everyone, therefore it should not be her selling point, I think the lady is too talented for all these overly animated and stylised video. Artists such as, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani, have videos which are in your face in an attempt to mask the fact they lack in talent, which isn't the case with Jessie J. Her look is just too loud, she needs to tone it down and just keep it simple.

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Really Quick

I'm gonna just say it...Beyonce is the ultimate SWAGGERJACKER!!


Like my relationship with Rihanna, the relationship I have with Beyonce is definitely a love hate one. Beyonce has been in the industry for too long, for her not to know that she's meant to be a trendsetter not a follower of fashion. Sure Beyonce can sing and dance, at the same time, but one thing she isn't is original. Unlike "Queen Bey", Ri-Ri (although she's been accused of swaggerjacking too) is in some right a trendsetter.

Hand on my heart when I first saw the pictures of Beyonce shooting one of the scenes for her new single, 'Run The World (Girls)', her outfit immediately reminded me of what Rihanna wore in her video for 'Hard'. If you fail to see the similarity in the pictures above and below then you definitely have your "Bey-shades" on.


But let's be real, does the title of her new single not make you think, "Hold up...wasn't Rihanna on Jay Z's track? What's it called again?" It's called 'Run This Town', and we can even say the title somewhat swaggerjacks Rihanna's song 'Only Girl In The World'. C'mon Beyonce - and if you haven't seen the next picture then boy.

It's obvious Beyonce has an issue with Rihanna but instead of competing with the girl (which she shouldn't have to as Beyonce's talent speaks for itself) she needs to stay one step ahead and show us why she's been on the scene for over a decade. However, I guess Jay Z likes the idea of his Mrs and Mistress in matching outfits.

If you're anything like me, you'd already know of the buzz that Beyonce has created over her return to the spotlight and like me, you're already bored. We all know that apart from the music, Beyonce is dry! She never does anything shocking in her interviews, she always lets us know how blessed she is and never gives us anything juicy - so long live Rihanna (& Chris Brown *cheeky laugh*)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Video Of The Week

I saw this video on WorldStarHipHop and I was amazed. The duo in the video, Karmin, did a wicked job of covering Chris Brown's song 'Look At Me Now'. They definitely owned it; the lady smacked all the verses, they can both sing and  they switched it up to suit their style, her voice, and even her gender. As I know you're going to like this video, I highly recommend you check out Karmin's website, to see more covers and original music from the duo - KARMIN MUSIC

But for now enjoy:

30 Minutes Later...
So I was so taken back by Karmin's cover of 'Look At Me Now', that I became obsessed and watch loads of their videos, and here are my favorite covers from the duo. Be sure to check out their website and watch their videos and let me know what your favourites were. Enjoy:

Karmin - All Of The Lights (Cover) ft. Orlando Dixon

Karmin - What's My Name (Cover)

Karmin - Firework (Cover)

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Take A Moment To Take This Photo In...
Are you with me now? Or do you need another minute? Yes - Idris Elba! The brother is fine, and I have to be real with you lot, I don't actually have anything to say about him, just that he's gorgeous. so moving along...

*Sighs* Keri Hilson. When Keri Hilson burst onto the scenes in 2008 I was definitely one of her biggest fans. Her music was good, her look was amazing and she didn't seem like your typical R&B singer - she was different. Then the more her popular she grew the more her style evolved, which I was down for, like everyone needs to switch it up a bit to stay relevant. Below I have selected six looks that Miss Hilson has rocked since her debut and the damage is there for your eyes to see...

These 3 Looks Showcase The Keri That I Loved and then...
Here's The Keri That I'm NOT Feeling!

As all these singers seem to do, Keri Hilson has become extremely annoying because she got obsessed with herself. She took someone's compliment about how pretty she is too far which lead her to release the very conceded song, 'Pretty Girl Rock'. That single is now certified gold and her head has swelled to about the same size as Kanye West's. However, I officially stopped being a fan when she premiered her video for 'The Way You Love Me', and just when I thought things couldn't get any worse - her sense of style also seems to be digressing and I don't know what her plans are, but I'm hoping it's to return to the Miss Keri Baby that I fell in love with.

Chris Brown - Beautiful People ft. Benny Benassi

Lastly, Chris Brown - there's no denying that Chris Brown gets on my nerves but unlike his ex-girlfriend the guy's got talent. He recently dyed his hair black again and I'm hoping that marks the end of his blonde alter-ego who thought he was invincible. Chris Brown should stick to the music and leave the fashion alone. Above is the video for his latest release from 'F.A.M.E'. The song 'Beautiful People' wasn't one of my favourites from the album (not that I have many favourites from the album) but it has definitely started to grow on me since the video came out. I like that the video is really simple and Chris has managed to do something a bit different from his usual, where he spazzes out whilst in-trance during a dance routine. I also enjoyed the cameos because he managed to get several heavy-hitters in a video that's less than 4 minutes.

I would like to end this on a positive but with Chris Brown that's never the case. This week Mr. Brown released the video to another single from 'F.A.M.E.' and there was honestly no need for it. I think it was Tuesday night when he was on Twitter boasting about the fact that the video would be on BET Uncut - like that's even a good thing? I really don't get what he is trying to do with his career because the video for 'Spend It All' is in direct contrast with the video for 'Beautiful People'. What Chris Brown needs to remember is that he is a Pop star, as much as he would like to think of himself as a R&B sensation, he's not - his music is of popular culture, he makes Pop music money, and therefore, he is a Pop star; meaning he has no business making videos where girls are booty-popping in their  underwear. But what I really don't get about the video for 'Spend It All' is what sector of his fans it's aimed at, assuming that the majority of his fans are females?

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Something I Think You Should Hear...

Jhene Aiko - Sailing Soul(s)

If you were as big a B2K fan as I was then you would know who Jhene Aiko is.

But in case you wasn't (and if you weren't we need to have some words - B2K were live), Jhene was under the same management as the boy band, her role at the time was to be their cute little sister act who opened all their shows, featured in their videos and lent them her vocal talent whenever they needed a female on a track. Jhene managed to acquire a bit of fame (mainly from B2K fans) but her career basically died when the band dismembered in 2004.
Since then Jhene has not really put out any music, she posted a couple videos to YouTube but other than that she's been really quiet. Oh - but she did have a baby in 2008 for Omarion's younger brother, O'Ryan (who also released music off the back of B2K's success).

Fastfoward to 2011 and Jhene's back with her first mixtape 'Sailing Soul(s)'. This mixtape has definitely set some great foundation for whatever projects Jhene is planning on bringing out next. 'Sailing Soul(s)' isn't a masterpiece but what it is, is damn good music. She has really brought R&B back to what it's meant to be. The mixtape also feature some collaborations with some of the hottest artists, such as, Drake, Kanye West & Miguel. 'Sailing Soul(s)' is a very good look for Jhene and I honestly hope it generates enough buzz to grant her the success she deserved when she made her debut ten years ago because the girl can sing.

Favourites from this mixtape are (1) July ft. Drake, (2) Real Now ft. Lite, Hope & Roosevelt, and (3) Stranger.

As she is yet to release any official videos from 'Sailing Soul(s)', here is her video for 'NO L.O.V.E.' which she brought out in 2003:

Jhene - NO L.O.V.E.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Really Quick

I had to post these magazine covers to my blog because I am super-excited for this magazine to come out. Shout out to ELLE for their Women In Music 2011 campaign because these women (and Willow Smith) are amazing and all the covers are stunning.

Below I've uploaded my favourite covers but be sure to click on the link above to see what other female artists Elle selected and paid homage to:

Adele Hot Shot: Adele Brings London Fashion To ELLE

Florence Welch

Gwen 1

jhud23 Hot Shot: Jennifer Hudson Does Elle

nickiminaj Hot Shot: Nicki Minaj Strikes A Pose For ELLE Magazine


willowsmith Hot Shot: Willow Smith Punches Through ELLE Magazine

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

Kelly Rowland - Motivation ft. Lil' Wayne

I'll be the first one to put my hands up and say I really like this song - so well done Kelly; it's about time you got your talent together and created a tune. But sadly that's where the praise stops.

Kelly Rowland is 30 and I honestly think it's time for her to fix up and decide whether or not she really wants to make a go of a career as a solo artist. I don't understand why she doesn't know when she looks good? Kelly Rowland is a very beautiful woman, however, she constantly makes beauty/fashion decisions that work against her. In this video she's wearing a shoulder length curly weave with a fringe which does nothing for her face; Kelly suits short hair - end of.

I also feel as though Kelly is afraid to grow up, because I sometimes believe it comes to light that she isn't comfortable in her own skin yet. For the main dance sequence she's wearing (and I don't know why this was her outfit choice) a purple swimsuit with a long sleeveless cardigan and knee-high patent boots; you don't have to be a stylist to know that outfit isn't right. Kelly needs to be 100% sexy or else she shouldn't bother.

It also would've been nice if Kelly & Lil' Wayne had done a scene together just because it's nice to see chemistry between artists when they collaborate. On a final note, I applaud Kelly for the male dancers/models she chose for this because they helped make her outfit a little less painful to look at.

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

Mary J. Blige - Someone To Love Me (Naked) ft. Diddy & Lil' Wayne

This is yet again another video directed by Colin Tiley and it's definitely not one of my favourites. The song is very typical of the Mary J. Blige's sound; it's very soulful and gritty. I'm not quite sure if Lil' Wayne's verse works well with Diddy's. I personally think it should've featured only one of the rappers as the chemistry wasn't quite right. In all honesty I preferred DIDDY DIRTY MONEY's version of this song and I liked their video much better too.

Finally, I'm not even go in on this too much because this could become a book, what is up with Mary's hair?

In the words of Kevin & Makael, "Girl!"

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx 

Monday, 4 April 2011

30 Second In The Mind Of...

Merrick McKay
McKay Model Behaviour - Work It!
Merrick McKay, 19, is a devoted fashion blogger and student who describes himself as epic, bold and hilarious. His thirst for fashion has prompted him to undertake a degree in Fashion Marketing & Promotion at the London College of Fashion. On completion of his degree McKay is looking to break into the industry doing pretty much anything which recognises his talent and pays him well. He describes the day he cut his shoulder length hair as the day he faced his biggest challenge to date, as well as achieving his proudest moment. So, without any further ado, welcome to the mind of Merrick McKay...

What couldn't you live without?
Jesus; He's sucha G!

What would you say is your worst habit?
I'm a little OCD when it comes to things - especially the physical aspects in life. I'm always striving for perfection even when it doesn't matter. For instance, I spend at least 4 hours on each essay I do trying to get the correct format for my essay (laughs), which is quite uncool.

What do you find really annoying in other people?
People who put down others, because every human being desires to be appreciated or feel important - FACT! Which is something that the fashion industry lacks incredibly and p****s me off! If you haven't got the energy to say "thank you", which are two of the most appreciated words, or even show a glimmer of a smile to your interns, you can at least make sure you pay them for their hard work; especially after 3 months. (Pauses) Oh, and cocky attitudes (smiles).

What is your guilty pleasure?
(Smiles) 'Fireworks' by Katy Perry (laughs); she shut it down!

What would be your dream job?
Owning various boutiques around the world which sale high-fashion brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy - I would have the coolest company work-force in the world.

ONE thing no-one knows about you...
I have Indian and Chinese in me and last year I found out that I have a full Ghanian great Gran - my heritage just gets better and better (laughs).

Merrick's Favourites
I Want You by Erykah Badu

*(Apparently it's not appropriate for this blog so we'll leave it at that)

You can follow Merrick McKay on TWITTER or check out his BLOG

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

Diddy Dirty Money - Your Love (Remix) ft. Rick Ross & Trey Songz

"We in the motherf***ing building, a hundred f***king bottles! Yeeaaahhhh!"

Now I've got to admit, this wasn't my favourite song from the 'Last Train To Paris' as I think the ladies' verse is a bit crude. But since getting the album in December it has definitely grown and every time Diddy's verse starts, I can't help but scream his first few words, "B**** you know I'm Diddy h**!" The video was directed by Colin Tiley who has been hard at work this year and is responsible for some of the hottest videos in 2011; and here's a little exclusive for you, he'll be directing Lil' Wayne's video for 'If I Die Today (John)', Keri Hilson's video for 'Lose Control' and Chipmunk's video for 'In The Air'. Diddy recently tweeted that the album's a visual one and wants to know what single to release next; I'm literally crying out to see a video for the fantastic song which is 'Shades' - so my fingers and toes are crossed.

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Glamourous Life...

Issue 120: March 2011
Magazine cover
Personal Opinion: Very Pretty & Very Annoying in GLEE
I know it's a bit late but I shouldn't have to tell you what I'm about to do because you already know, so let's get it going...

The top three 'Hey, it's OK...' from this month are:
  1. "...if you're the one who writes her name on her stapler at work. Well, if people will insist on taking what's not theirs"
  2. " send the odd tipsy text to a man. Drunken, tearful 3am phone calls, though, not OK"
  3. " be over the age of 12 and still wear mittens. They're very trendy, actually"
This month's cover-star is Lea Michele from Glee. I have to admit she started off as one of  the funnier characters in Glee, then she became very annoying but in the more recent episodes of the second series she's started to grow on me again and gives me the occasional laugh out loud moment in some of her scenes. (But none of the cast of Glee are funnier than Brittany - b****!).

But back to GLAMOUR, now from reading my previous posts of 'The Glamourous Life...' I've realised that I hardly talk about the fashion content within the magazine, so it's time to switch it up.

Now I'm not big on following fashion trends because personally I don't get the hype around some trends, especially as some don't even last long and let's be real I don't have the monetary status to keep up with every trend. But a trend that I am definitely feeling is the bright block colours. In this issue GLAMOUR created a wicked ten page spread with the help of photographer, Coliena Rentmeester, called 'POP YOUR COLOUR' which for me sold the trend.

For those of you who know me (which is all of my 20 followers) you know that nothing makes me happier than, (1) eating good food, (2) watching a good film, and (3) experimenting with make-up; and if there's one thing that GLAMOUR caters to is us make-up fiends. 'Beauty With POW!' by Charlotte-Anne Fidler, highlights the hottest hair and make-up trends for this summer and I am loving it. As a young black girl, I'm fed up of playing it safe with my colour palette so with a little help from Sleek I will be rocking so many different shades of colour when the sun comes out.

I don't want to say too much more because you need to go get yourself your own copy but until next month - stay glamourous.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Laugh Out Loud Moment

The little boy in this video has got this song stuck in my head - his rendition of this song is really cute. Watch out for when he tries to spit Ludacris' verse. Enjoy:

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Something I Think You Should Hear

Keri Hilson - No Boys Allowed

Keri Hilson is definitely a dark horse, and with No Boys Allowed I think she's inviting us all to see who she really is. With her last instalment I thought we were seeing, and forgive me for what I'm about to say, I thought we were seeing talent on the level of Aaliyah. With backing from Timbaland I was sure Keri Hilson was going to be that artist that touched us deeply with her music but it turns out she really is not.

No Boys Allowed is not a bad album, I do like a couple songs, I really like 'One Night Stand' but of course there are a lot of songs that I don't like. The number one one being 'Pretty Girl Rock' and for anyone female who thinks that song is empowering *pauses* I have to question who you'd regard as a strong women.

So yeah the album's alright but what I'm not understanding is why it's called No Boys Allowed when all she does is sing about boys, I guess common sense isn't common anymore. This album is just standard, I wish that Keri would drop this "I don't need a man attitude", yeah it was cute in 'Turning Me On' but it quickly turned to trashy with 'The Way You Love Me'.

As much as I dislike this song, I figured it's only fair you see exactly why I think it's so bad:

Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock

Overall I'm not loving it but do let me know what your thoughts are on No Boys Allowed  

Laugh Out Loud Moment

This video is actually too funny - I don't know what's funnier the fact that the little boy could actually give Shakira a run for her money or the music that has been placed on top of the footage.My sister sent me this video and I almost died of laughter when I watched it, so I hope you find it as entertaining as I did. Enjoy:

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

Keri Hilson - One Night Stand ft. Chris Brown

This is another Hilson and Brown colaboration which I quite like  and I've only listened to it twice. As for the video, I'm not feeling it, the pair look like mechanics from the Matrix and the matching blonde hair is lame. More lame than the matching hair colours is their dance routine which just lacks the wow factor. But what I will say is that I'm happy that Chris Brown has finally premiered his new hairstyle in a video. Overall, it was just alright; I don't love it, but I don't hate it.

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Rest In Peace

Elizabeth Taylor
This is another sad week in showbiz, as the iconic actress and beauty, Elizabeth Taylor has passed away, age 79, due heart failure - R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor (27th February, 1932 - 23rd March, 2011). 

Really Quick

Rihanna Long Braided Hairstyle Chris Brown Good Morning America Shirtless shattered window tattoos blonde hair
I'm Not Sure Who Irritates Me More...Probably Rihanna

So I've just come back from the library and I was just doing my last checks on celebrity gossip and of course I went to my number one source, the beloved, Concrete Loop, and obviously these two "entertainers" (above) were at the top of the page.

It's got to the point where I don't know which one out of Chris Brown and Rihanna gets under my skin more; like they are both just disgracing the face of young people in the industry. If you haven't heard already Chris Brown went on Good Morning America and when he was questioned about the "situation" that happened two years ago he started getting rude and then took it upon himself to go backstage and smash up his dressing room before storming out onto the street and acting a damn fool, whilst looking like a crackhead.

On the other hand, we've got Miss Umbrella (and yes, she is still rocking them red wigs up and down the world) who can no longer sell out shows; which means people have started paying attention to the fact she can't sing, she can't really dance and she has a bad attitude. But if anything, I'm happy that she's not selling tickets because it was only a couple weeks ago that she wanted to get rude on Twitter to Ciara about booking shows, and now who's struggling?

To round up, (as I've got to go to bed because I've got a lecture in 6 hours and 50 minutes), what goes around comes around. Chris Brown doesn't deserve to sell records and just move on with his life, until he is willing to really apologise and most importantly acknowledge how big a deal what he did two years ago to Rihanna was. As for Rihanna, she needs to realise that her s*** does stink, get a new weave and re-adjust her attitude; perhaps these two are a match made in Hollywood heaven.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Is This Music? Really?

Forget Parental Advisory
Not too long ago I posted Omarion's video for his single, 'Come & F**k With Me', within that post I had a little rant about music videos becoming too overly explicit and there was me thinking that the worst was over, boy was I wrong. Skepta. Need I say anymore? If you haven't seen Skepta's "music video" for his single, 'All Over The House', then ofcourse you won't understand this post and obviously because I don't condone that video I will not be adding a link to it on my blog.

Let me start by saying the 'All Over The House' video has is NOT a music video, it isn't even a great song; what it is, is a four minute porn film. I really don't get why Skepta, as a musician, thought that a porn film would make for a good video idea. I get that everyone wants exposure but if this video was Skepta's plan for exposure then shame on him because he's got it all wrong. There was absolutely, 100% no need for such a video and if I'm honest I hope his attempt of getting a buzz and getting his name circulating flops. I strongly believe that if you make good music, work hard, have a decent following and continue to perfect your craft then success is inevitable; with the exception of those who just get lucky.

To round up, Skepta could've (and should've come) better and if he did want to create a buzz with that video, he needs to get himself a publicist. Any publicist with some sense would've told him that he had no business making an appearance in that video. Instead, he should've let that porn film/video cause a stir and then release a statement claiming it's not the official video and release a TV-friendly video for 'All Over The House'. But I'm guessing Skepta's proud that his video made it onto WorldStarHipHop, so pat on the back for him, not - that video equals a massive FAIL!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Laugh Out Loud Moment

Ok, so a lot of people have been talking about this song and video and I guess it's time for me to put in my two piece. Rebecca Black. Wow - I actually don't know what to say. Well, first off, I'm not sure whether she's an actual artist or whether this is a spoof, but I hope for her sake it's a joke because this is possibly the worst song EVER!! The song is called, 'Friday' and it auto-tune at its worse, as for the video it's not much better. If this is a real artist then I feel rather sorry for her because somebody should've told her that the song sucks. There's not much more I can say so check it out for yourself:

Rebecca Black - Friday

Something I Think You Should Hear...

Chris Brown - F.A.M.E.

So if you're a big Chris Brown fan then you've been waiting for this album for a while and I'm guessing you think it's a good album. However if you like good music you'll agree with me on the fact that this album is not great at all; the hype around this album has seriously outshadowed the fact that this ablum lacks a lot. 

I could go track by track and explain why this isn't a "great" album, I mean I won't call it rubbish, Wiz Khalifa's album is deserving of that title, but F.A.M.E. is just whatever. I can't even put it in words, what I can say is that it is much better than Graffiti but it has nothing on Exclusive.

My main problem with this album is that if this album is a dedication to his fans then all the songs should have stories behind them but instead the majority of these tracks are about the same*yawns*
The only songs which I think justify the title of this album are Beautiful People and Champion.

So moving on from that I will admitt that Brown does have an alright collective of tracks, although I do think some are way too vulgar e.g. Wet The Bed. In conclusion, I'm not impressed and I think Chris Brown needs to get off this "bad boy" tip, grow up and get back into the lab (preferably the one he was in when he created Exclusive) and come back with something much better.

As I don't like any of the songs from this album very much, I figured I'd give you a throwback:

Please comment and let me know your take on F.A.M.E.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

NOTE: I'm re-posting this as the last time I posted it the video got removed.


Chris Brown - Look At Me Now ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil' Wayne

Chris Brown will be dropping his fourth album, 'F.A.M.E.' in less than two weeks and he has chosen to lead the project with an up-tempo track called 'Look At Me Now' which features verses from Busta Rhymes and Lil' Wayne. As much as I love to hate Chris Brown the brother's got talent; in this video (and on the track)  Brown displays his rapping skills again, proves that he can still sing and shows off more of his dance moves. The video which was directed by Colin Tilley, and does it's job of entertaining its audience well. What I will say is that I'm disappointed at Mr. Brown for not showing off his newly dyed hair, other than that, I like the song and the video - "If you've got eyes look at me now b****!"

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Rest In Peace

Nate Dogg

Some very sad news this morning; legendary hip hop singer, Nate Dogg has passed away, age 41. Below is one of my favourite songs featuring the singer - R.I.P Nate Dogg (August 19th, 1969 - March 15th, 2011).

Ludacris - Area Codes ft. Nate Dogg

Friday, 11 March 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

Nelly - Gone ft. Kelly Rowland

Remember 9 years ago when rapper Nelly released a song called, 'Dilemma' featuring Kelly Rowland and it was on every radio station and television channel - well they're back. This time around the song is called 'Gone' and I'm guessing that both Nelly & Kelly are hoping to get the same chart success that 'Dilemma' got them in 2002. The song 'Gone', like many songs in the mainstream music industry now, isn't brilliant but it's catchy and the video is nice to watch. I wonder what Ashanti has to say about some of the more intimate scenes in the video.

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Laugh Out Loud Moment

This video is one my Sister (also my bestfriend) told me about but I only just watched, which means I'm late but it made me laugh sooo much I had to post it. Enjoy:

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...


Omarion - Come & F**k With Me

As I've said before I am, or should I say was, a big Omarion fan, but after his album 'Ollusion' I started to lose faith in him and his potential to hold up his music career on his own. Actually that's a lie, I began to doubt Omarion's talent when he decided to do that album with Bow Wow, which in my eyes was a waste of studio time. Come to think about it, Omarion has made a string of bad career decisions because signing to Young Money and then asking to be released wasn't a good look either. Anyway, to bring us to the present - today he uploaded the video for his new single, (from which album or mixtape we're yet to discover) which is a cover of a Jodeci song called 'Come & F**k With Me' onto WorldStarHipHop.
 Now, I'm about to go off on a rant and I'm purely venting because Omarion is one of those singers (like, Ciara, Teairra Mari and Lloyd) who has so much potential to become great but keeps getting it wrong. First off, the title of the song is just wrong and distasteful. Secondly, the song itself isn't great; it sounds like it still needs to be tweaked and a couple of his vocals could be better.

As for the video - I am fed up of seeing performers bringing what they do in their bedrooms centre stage because it is not classy. All these male singers need to give it a rest with these borderline porn videos (cough, cough - Raheem DeVaughn and Trey Songz). I know for a fact that if a female singer, in particular, a black female singer came out with a video where she was getting it on with a male model there would be some problems. In fact, when Ciara released her video for 'Ride', it caused a big stir and the only thing she rode was the floor and a mechanical bull. Basically all these singers honestly need to leave something to the imagination.

Omarion's video features the very beatuful model, Rosa Acosta (who is a whole lot of woman for Omarion to handle - personally), who I believe shouldn't have chosen to wear what she did in this video shoot, because she would've looked ten times better in nice lingerie set instead of the Borat styled negligee. What else I think would've helped this video was the use of better shots, as some scenes were just a bit too blue movie type. To conclude, I'm very disappointed in Omarion, especially because he had the cheek to call out other male musicians, and I think Omarion needs to stop trying so hard to prove that's he's grown (and not gay), and just release some good music.

NOTE: The Jodeci version was called 'Come & Talk To Me'

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

30 Seconds In The Mind Of...

She Just Does Too Much
LaurynUK, 21, describes herself as, tall, spectacles, tattoos (and that is a direct quote - don't ask). Although she's too modest to say so, LaurynUK is one of London's many underrated musicians; this girl can hold a damn good note. She's currently a Law student at Westminster University where she hopes following graduation, she'll become a successful lawyer to the stars, and deal  with cases involving Justin Bieber's hair (again, don't ask). At 21, her most challenging moment surfaced when she realised she'd never be able to find white covered Oreos ever again, and her proudest moment came a few years back, whilst watched people sing her lyrics back to her as she performed in a club. So - for 30 seconds only, I welcome you to the mind of LaurynUK...

What couldn't you live without?
Music. I definitely couldn't survive without it [music].

What would you say is your worst habit?
The fact that my iPhone is permanently glued to my hand.

What do you find really annoying in other people?
Egos, especially when they are not deserved - I don't knock self belief but seriously?

What is your guilty pleasure?
Hip thrusting to 80's power ballads.

Most treasured possession?
My tickets to see Adele in April; I look at them all the time to make sure they exist.

ONE thing no-one knows about you...
I own every film that Michael Cera has been in because I have a huge dorky crush on him.

LaurynUK's Favourites
At the moment - One & Only by Adele; I honestly can't choose an all time favourite. I love music so this is tough but give me anything by Lauryn Hill, Jessie J, Paulo Nutini or Kanye West and I'm happy.

For Laughs:
Website - I love Tumblr

You can follow LaurynUK on TWITTER or check out her BLOG or check out her TUMBLR