Saturday, 4 June 2011

30 Seconds In The Mind Of...

Lukas Grout
Strike A Pose, There's Nothing To It - VOGUE!
Introducing soon to be supermodel/world famous actor/graphic designer and waiter extraodinaire, Lukas Grout, 20. The humble soul from North London describes himself as tall, talkative and hungry (don't ask). Currently a graphic design student at Central Saint Martin's, Lukas explains that putting together his portfolio for his entrance interview was his most challenging experience. Now the face of Topman, his proudest moment came when he strutted his stuff during three shows at London Fashion Week.
Well! If I say so myself, being asked to do this interview has to come second to that moment. So here you have it, 30 seconds in the mind of LG...(not the mobile phone brand)...

What couldn't you live without?
I'm afraid it's my Crackberry; I'm a total addict.

What would you say is your worst habit?
I over worry about EVERYTHING!

What do you find really annoying in other people?
Unjustified arrogance.

What is your guilty pleasure?
The Only Way is Essex...of course (smiles). 

What would be your dream job?
Something that will combine everything I've learnt and love. Alas I'm yet to find that job title.

ONE thing that no-one knows about you...
I used to look like the milky bar kid whenIi was little. White hair, glasses - the lot. I'm still waiting to audition for the advert.
Lukas' Favorites
Someone To Watch Over Me - it's an oldy

Anything with 'Crazy Cat' in the title. So I searced for 'Crazy Cat', a lot came up, and this is what I decided to pick...

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