Saturday, 25 December 2010

Put That Song On Replay...

Ho, Ho, Ho & Merry Christmas ice cream eaters,

I know by now we've all stuffed our faces and we've updated our BlackBerry, Facebook and Twitter statuses bragging about our Christmas dinners.

So sticking with the festive mood, I bring you my top five Christmas songs - Enjoy!

Destiny's Child - 8 Days of Christmas

B2K - Why'd You Leave Me On Christmas

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas

Wham - Last Christmas

Jackson 5 - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I'm back again to give you another insight into my beautiful mind...

My first 'Hmmm...' for this month is about former B2K member, Raz B; now if you go back to my last 'Hmmm...', you'll recall I did briefly mention that Raz B had been hit with a restraining order from Marques Houston and I'm now gonna explain what all this mess is about (from my point of view).

Obviously Raz B's upset because he will always be known as the "ugly one" and because his solo career flopped (whatever them songs were about - who even knew he could sing?).
So one day whilst wallowing in self-pity he decided to tarnish B2K's image by claiming Marques Houston & Chris Stokes - his former manager and "cousin" - sexually abused him and his former band mates (J-boog, Lil' Fizz and Omarion). 

Here is just one of the various videos that Raz B has continued to post to

However what is more worrying than what Raz B has been saying is the fact that none of the other B2K members have challenged Raz B accusations, which only makes me wonder what was really going on behind the scenes.

Usher, Usher, Usher; Usher is a man which many words can be ascribed to but as of recent the only word and item Usher needs to get to know is a COMB! His new hairstyle has definitely got us saying, "Oooh My God!" and if  you don't know what I'm on about then here's some pictures to show the degression:

Here He Is Looking Like The Man We Know & Love
Here He Is Looking Very Causal & Cute
And Now Here He Is Looking Dirty & Hungry
Finally it's with great displeasure I post this to my blog; I saw this video when it first came out and I was deeply hurt because Keri Hilson was my girl but we can not be friends if she continues down this line:

So there you have it - Keri Hilson becomes Keri Hoeson; VERY disappointed!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

All Cards Laid Out...Or Not?

Now That's What I Call A Full House!
As a week of being bed-bound due to illness draws to an end, I figured I'd relieve my mind of thoughts that have been laying heavy on my head...

Being single is fun - for the purpose of the rant that is about to commence I thought it'd be a good idea to state that. So yeah, single life has it's perks but recently I've been bored of my own company and I feel as though it's time to jump back on the relationship bandwagon.

Now perhaps it's the weather or the fact I've not been feeling like myself because I'm ill but it is something I've considered this week. But then I'm thinking to myself, "really?" because like any other type of relationship it's hard work and very, very, very time consuming and there's always trying to find a potential partner - like where should I look?

I'm not one for hooking up with strangers because London is full of some dodgy characters, no one  who adds you on Facebook wants to be just your "friend" anymore and you always gain the risk of losing a friend if they hook you up with someone and it goes bad.

See I believe before getting "in deep" with someone you need to know what you're in for and therefore I honestly believe in the importance of people being willing to put all their cards out on the table. That way you can make that all important decision as to whether to stick with the potential or take the nearest exit on your right.  

I think my generation are too much into the spontaneity business - I mean for real the world isn't coming to an end, so let's chill for a bit and get to know our potential spouses. Now I'm not gonna lie living for the moment can be fun but the older I get the more I think about the future and the future is happening now.

Therefore I can't be asked to rush into something, only to find a few months down the line that the person standing beside me isn't the person I thought they were because I didn't actually give myself the time to get to know them. 

Don't get me wrong I totally get that new relationships are a chance for a fresh start and you may not wanna let your guards down too quickly until you know you can trust the other person. However, with that said I think it's only fair to let the potential know of any medical history problems (particularly to do with mental health) or any crazy ex-lovers.

To conclude, as a wise man (Ablito) once told me that even if you choose to keep your cards hidden it is important to be clear and make things as black and white as possible.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

30 Seconds In The Mind Of...

Kay Thomas
The Many Faces Of Kay
Kay Thomas, 19, makes up one half of the design team behind the Milkshake Club - if you haven't heard about the Milkshake Club, I bet you've seen people on the streets of London (and Luton) rocking their hoodies, beanies or T-shirts. Kay's currently in his first year at the University of Bedfordshire where he is studying Graphic Design and describes himself as bonkers, genuine and sociable.

What couldn't you live without?
My "precious" BlackBerry and McDonald's strawberry milkshake.

What would you say is your worst habit?
Clicking my fingers - it's second nature at the moment.

What do you find really annoying in other people?
Bad sense of humour! Like, I like to buss jokes a lot, as well as that I can't stand people who lie, are antisocial or are rude for no reason.

What is your guilty pleasure?
There are times when I really can't be asked to get a shape up.

What is your dream job?
To become a member of a worldwide design team or advertisement designer.

Kay's Favourites
Home For The Holiday by J. Cole



You can follow Kay on TWITTER or check out his BLOG

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Glamourous Life...

Issue 117: December 2010

Magazine cover
Personal Opinion: Love The Jumper, Hate The Trousers

Another wonderful year of GLAMOUR has come to an end but if I say so myself it's been a great year for the magazine and the final issue of 2010 is no exception, as it sums up 2010 perfectly and prepares us for 2011.

My favourite 'Hey it's OK...' from this issue was " Google your own name. Y'know, just to see" - this is an everyday thing for me.

Rebecca Seal's article 'Burn The Rule Book, Ladies!' was a true eye opener. If you look back to one of my earlier posts entitled 'Is Time Running Out?' I spoke about my personal "rule book" and reading this has taught me to chill out and live for the moment which in the long run will make me more optimistic and less rigid.

Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'When Was The Last Time You Did This?' by Siski Green because it's nice to know that kissing still holds a presence in relationships and if you're not convinced that your kissing skills have what it takes, here are three top tips from GLAMOUR for a show-stopping kiss:
  1. Tilt to the right.
  2. Size doesn't matter.
  3. Scrape your breath clean.
So after reading this issue my advice to you all is get rid of that life plan and pucker up!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

30 Seconds In The Mind Of...

Princé Akosilé
A True V.I.P.
Princé Akosilé, 25, also known as "HuggyBear" is one of the creative minds behind the highly successful clothing line, The Teddy Bear Club which is one of the UK's fastest growing brands.
Prince describes himself as a perfectionist who is honest and humble, and his proudest moment came in 2007 when he graduated from the University of East London with a degree in Advertising & Graphic Design.
A real positive thinker, Prince strongly believes that everything happens for a reasons and therefore his future ambitions are to stay healthy and make each year better than the last.

What couldn't you live without?
My MacBook (he smiles).

What would you say is your worst habit?
I need to learn how to recycle - my clothes that is - because every time I go out I end up buying something new to wear.

What do you find really annoying in other people?
I despise liars because loyalty is very important to me and that's why I only keep a handful of close friends.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I'm a fan of country music - a big fan! I like to listen to Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Bill Monroe; the list goes on.

What is your most treasured possession?
My Mother's necklace.

Princé's Favourites
I Wanna Know by Joe

Concrete Loop

You can follow Princé on TWITTER and also be sure to check out THE TEDDY BEAR CLUB'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE 

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Put That Song On Replay

Hey, hey, hey!
For this month's 'Put That Song On Replay' I want to pay some due respect to one of the World's brightest stars that has repeatedly created banger after banger since his debut.
I'm talking about none other than the Louis Vuitton Don Kanye West (also known as Yeezy).
He is definitely one of my favourite musicians and he is perhaps one of the only musicians who always has a visually stunning music video to accompany all his releases.
So from Late Registration to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy I'm going present you with my favourite video from each album, it's Yeezy Time...

All Falls Down ft. Syleena Johnson
Apart from the fact that I love this song - this video has made into my list of Kanye's best videos because we only get to see Mr. West in very cleverly arranged shots such as his reflection in the mirror or the reflection in his love interest's glasses (Stacey Dash) and the part where he has to go through the scanning machine is hilarious.

Gold Digger ft. Jamie Foxx
This song made all us ladies really step back and think, "Do I have gold digger tendencies?"
I like this video because of the magazine cover concept, it's just quite funny and that little head dance thing is very contagious and I have to say all the video vixens are gorgeous.


# Version One - Flashing Lights ft. Dwele

# Version Two - Flashing Lights ft. Dwele

# Version Three - Flashing Lights ft. Dwele
Though Kanye is adamant that he only released one video for the single 'Flashing Lights' (version one), I'm not sure which video I like the best - I'm torn between version one and version three. So simply for viewing pleasure I've posted all three to my blog, so you (my fellow ice cream eaters) can decide what your favourite version is - I think version one might be my favorite.

Welcome To Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi
I adore Kanye West for this video! I think it's brilliant, it's so creative and it just demands your attention because with every movement there is something new happening - definitely one of my favourite music videos ever!

As Yeezy tweeted: “ITS NOT A VIDEO, ITS A MOVING PAINTING”, he really wasn't lying. The 'Power' video is truly a piece of art and although I'm sure all those "Illuminati" obsessed people probably had a field day analysing all the hidden messages behind each shot; this video is genius.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Essay? What Essay?

This Might Be My New Moto

So my aim for this weekend was to read, read, read and then write up an essay - well that plan failed miserably and instead I've decided to procrastinate.
Now normally I'm the most motivated person in the world but at present that isn't the case.
I'd rather stuff my face with sweets, download music ("legally" of course), see what all the latest is on Facebook, perhaps Tweet, catch up with that trash we call TV.
Like I literally mean it, I'm willing to do anything other than this essay.
The worst thing about the mood I'm in is that this essay I need to write isn't even that hard, all I have to do is read and that's where the problem arises...I do not want to read!
However, I've decided that tonight I'm NOT gonna read and instead I'll get this procrastination out of my system and tomorrow I'll take it from the top - serious, I will, promise - now to eat some ice cream...Don't judge me!

Friday, 26 November 2010


Fellow Ice Cream Eaters,
I'm adding a new monthly (hopefully it'll become weekly) addition to this blog which will be called, "Hmmm...". This new addition will basically be random posts about things in the news, on websites, on the telly or even things that have happened to me in uni that I feel the need to share with you.

Kicking off my first "Hmmm..." is the love of my life and if you know me well you'll know I'm talking about none other than - that's right, you guessed it - OMARION!
Now, so as of recent his music hasn't been any good, (that's to say it was ever good to start off with) but boy oh boy is the brother fine. But to the point so it's Friday night and to avoid making a start to my essay I've been on and as I was scrolling down this video caught my attention:

Now I get it, times are hard but really Omarion? Are you seriously considering becoming a Bollywood superstar? I think not, so as a huge fan please, please, please, take what you have left of your dignity and leave it out. In other news relating to Omarion, his former band mate and "friend" Raz B is currently acting a fool and has ended up getting slapped with a restraining order from Marques Houston (which if you ask me was well deserved - good on you Marques).

Next is my love to hate buddy and trust me she'll be making frequent appearances in future "Hmmm..." posts, it's the good girl gone bad, Rihanna. So I'm in the process of listening to her brand new album 'Loud' and on the first listen I'm not feeling it but I know sooner or later she'll have me saying along but I'm not here to talk about the music, I'm here to cuss discuss her hair. In the past it's seemed like our girl Ri-Ri couldn't go wrong on the styling but that is no longer the case, so I'm going to present you with three looks that she's recently rocked and explain why they just aren't cutting it.

                     Look 1                                                       Look 2                                                       Look 3 
When I first saw Look 1 I was like, "Oooh no honey!" Seriously what was up with that hairdo and to add insult to injury the girl kept putting accessories in it.
Then Look 2 happened which just undid all the work her stylists' who thought, "Hey, we need to do something about the forehead" and re-exposed it, so that failed.
Which brings us to Look 3, now, I don't like it but I think it's much, much better than the other two looks.
  1. It's darker which makes her look less dead vampire-ish
  2. Her forehead is partly covered
  3. It's shorter which is such a good look for Rihanna.
I'm guessing this new hairstyle is an attempt to show that Ri-Ri is turning into a women, although I think she suits the edgier cuts and I hope she starts rocking the short hair again/soon/now would be nice.  

To round up my "Hmmm..." for this evening is Mr. West! His new album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' is a masterpiece and that is all I've really got to say about that.
Kanye West has managed to put together another outstanding album and I take my hat off to him because the dude is never lost for words but definitely backs up all that talk with his music - genius! To pay homage to Yeezy (if you haven't watched it already) here's his Runaway video and don't worry if you don't understand it, I didn't get it either.

Until I sign in again eat as much ice cream as possible.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bradshaw & The Books...

I Write Because Of Bradshaw
Last night I went to a journalism conference at the BBC which was hosted by Shine Media called 'So You Want A Career In Journalism?' and on arrival I bumped into the beautiful Alison (Fab Black Woman) who said the loveliest thing I think anyone has ever said to me - this will definitely go down as the best compliment in my lifetime. 

She said, "You remind me of Carrie Bradshaw." 

I swear I tear came to my eye and that compliment prompted me to publish this post as it's been a while. 

So it's been almost two months since I've been back at uni and Lord behold I'm in my third year - YES! THIRD YEAR! If I'm honest third year (so far) hasn't been half as stressful as I thought it would be and I don't know whether that's because I'm too relaxed or I'm so on point it's unbelievable.

As it stands I've already handed in a 5,000 word piece about my experience at the Catch 22 and I'm due to give a presentation about my internship in the coming weeks - so I'm more or less done with that module which is great - but I'm not done yet; that's one module down, I've got another four modules to put to sleep before I'm in my cap and gown.

At the moment I'm in the process of reading for a journalism essay that is due on December 15th, as well as that I also have a group presentation and a group essay to submit on the 15th too (gosh!) but I'm not stressing because it has to be done and it will get done - FACT.

To conclude, I will be reading everyday for the rest of the week...well, I'll try.

Monday, 15 November 2010

The Glamourous Life...

This Post Is Dedicated To My Beautiful Sister - Happy Birthday!
Issue 116: November 2010
Magazine cover
Personal Opinion: I Love This Dress!
Right - so I'm back again to review this month's issue of GLAMOUR (yes, I'm still obsessed with this magazine). This month's cover star is the gorgeous Dannii Minogue who is wearing a beautiful blue dress which I absolutely adore simply because it is really pretty. Also the material of dress reminds me of the stunning lace that many Nigerian women (to be specific BUT other African women too) wear on various occasions but enough about the dress and let's talk about the magazine.

Skimming through the magazine I of course landed on my favourite page - 'Hey, it's OK...' which proved to be just as funny as ever, for me this issue's best 'Hey it's OK...' was " do the sexy-nightie thing - then change into a T-shirt for actual sleeping" - that's something I've definitely done.

So! There's no denying that I'm a GLAMOUR girl but every once in a while an issue comes out and I'm a bit like, "Hmmm...maybe I'm too young to be reading this", and sadly this was one of those issues where I found it hard to relate to a lot of the features because they were somewhat too old for me. With that being the case I had to read my 'GLAMOURScope' - which is never a good idea - but not surprisingly the reading didn't apply to me as I'm not currently in a relationship, so yeah that was kinda irrelevant.

With the criticism over, I did really, really, really enjoy reading 'How We Got Our Jobs At GLAMOUR' because as a young writer about to burst onto the scene it's nice to know how people working in my dream field got to where they are and to read what advice they hand out to people like me. 

As a big fan of fashion magazines I love going page to page and getting acquainted with the hottest looks and my favourite lookbook pages were the 'All The Knits You'll Ever Need' - I think it's time to upgrade my winter wardrobe. Although I liked all looks, the best looks (in my opinion) were (in no particular order):
  • SEXY because winter won't stop me from showing off what God gave me
  • SHORT because I'm all about the maxi scarf and the look is so easy to put together
  • RETRO because it's such a classy look that I'll try when I'm like 23...maybe 24
December issue I'll be waiting for you...

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Little Green Clock

I Think This One Is Broken

I can just about hear it ticking.

When the alarm sounds it wakes me up or rather disturbs my sleep.

It stands at about 5cm tall.

Although it's not one of the main features in my room, it is one thing I look for without even knowing - the time.

Made up of acrylic and cardboard.

Grass green acrylic, bottle green green cardboard, white numbers and silver acrylic handles.

Handles pointing to seven and ten which confirm that I shouldn't be awake.

The seconds hand is always on the move letting the other handles know that soon it'll be their turn.

The minute hand waits for a short amount of time moving every sixty seconds.

But the hour hand is patient, it waits for its chance to move every sixty minutes.

My little green clock controls all that goes on in this room.

From the moment I wake up in the morning until I fall asleep in the evening.

Who knew something so small could hold so much power.


Thursday, 21 October 2010

30 Seconds In The Mind Of...

Floss: A Man Of Many Words
Floss, 21, is perhaps the hardest working young man in Islington. Floss is an actor, events manager, mentor, rapper, poet and whatever else you need him to be. He has been an active member in the borough of Islington since his early teens and one of his proudest moments was when he performed for legendary Hip Hop mogul, Russell Simmons. Floss is currently doing his rounds promoting his Halloween rave called 'Haunted'.

What couldn't you live without?
I couldn't live without ambition.

What would you say is your worst habit?
My worst habit is spending silly amounts of money.

What do you find really annoying in other people?
People who think they're sick but they're not. I can't stand people who can't dress - never wear fakes or wear Louis Vuitton and Gucci together or wear sunglasses indoors - annoying.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I still watch cartoons, it's a bit embarrassing.

What is your dream job?
Whatever pays the most.

Floss' Favourites
Freestyle by Joe Black


Google - I just like the fact you can google and find anything

You can follow Floss on TWITTER

Put That Song On Replay

So I'm back for the third time to tell you about the songs I've been banging out on my iPod and as time is far spent I might as well get going with the first tuneage...

Miguel - All I Want Is You ft. J. Cole
If you don't fall in love with this song then I seriously need to question your hearing. This is perhaps the most chilled out song I've heard all year and there is something about it that just makes me feel like I'm listening to some good old school R&B and Miguel was right to choose J. Cole as the featuring artist because his lyrics just sync so well with everything Miguel is singing about.

Loick Essien - Love Drunk
Loick Essien has finally arrived. If you're like me you'll remember he featured on the vocals of Chipmunk's single 'Beast' (which by the way is banger too) and now he is here releasing his own material. I'm expecting big things from Loick as his first single 'Love Drunk' is absolutely fantastic.

Usher - DJ Got Us Falling In Love ft. Pitbull
I'm not gonna lie when I first heard this I was like, "Huh? Is this really what Usher is doing now?" but after a few listens I figured it weren't too bad but the selling point for this single was the video. In this video I just feel as though Usher has gone back to what he is made for and that my friends is making us dance. Honestly since 'Confessions' I believe that this is the first video Usher has released where he seems to be really enjoying himself - hence making us (the viewers) enjoy ourselves too. 

Jazmine Sullivan - Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles)
Right, the bottom line is Jazmine Sullivan can sing. This lady has one of those voices that just makes you wanna sing along as if to say the song is directly speaking about your life. Similar to Miguel's 'All I Want Is You' this song just has that old school vibe to it.

Big Boi - Follow Us ft. Vonnegutt
'Shutterbug' was of course a banger and proved that musical genius Big Boi still has it in him to get us all bubbling. With the track 'Follow Us' he has once again proved that no-one knows how get featuring artists to bring a song alive like he does and I would have to say that this song is definitely a riding track.

30 Seconds In The Mind Of...

Lindster Benz

Benji Kiks Is Maximum Trendsetter
Lindster Benz, 20, is perhaps one of London's most fashionable beings, from the bowler hats to the seasons' must have heels Lindster is way ahead of the game. Lindster is a lady with a lot to say so don't be fooled into thinking she's just about the fashion because she's about so much more. Within less than a year Lindster will be let loose on the working world following the completion of her Journalism & Media and Culture Studies degree, so be sure to look out for her.

What couldn't you live without?
My earrings - it doesn't even matter what type they are, they just always seem to complete the look but then again I have so much s**t I wouldn't know.

What would you say is your worst habit?
Eating gari (cassava flour).

What do you find annoying in other people?
Some who has a bad attitude. I can't stand people who are fake or people who apologise for something that they did intentionally.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Purchasing stuff on ebay - that's limited now (laughs).

Most treasured possession?
It had to be my Escada blazer, it's not the most wearable item i have in my wardrobe but it's definitely my most treasured.

Lindster's Favourites
Swagger by Ruff 'n' Smooth



You can follow Lindster on her BLOG

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Shortcuts: Granny Trends

This Is How It All Begins...
Grand-Daddy Cool?

Hair loss, dentures, wrinkles, lack of mobility and gravity taking an overwhelming toll on your physical appearance are all the things that make me happy to be 20. 
However it’s a well-known fact that life starts at 40 but that isn’t true - life really begins at 65 - as life doesn’t really get fun until you’re a certified granny. 
People 65 and over are living the life and they are the real trendsetters.
All the hottest looks and trends all over the world have been inspired by none other than the OAPs and if your like me and have about four decades before your granted your granny status here are a few trends that are accessible to us…

Granny’s Secret
Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney have both launched underwear lines celebrating oversized pants. Truth be told granny pants are amazing. 
They hold in all those bits that you don’t want to be visible when you’re wearing that ultra tight dress or skirt. 
But let’s not get confused granny pants are only cool for girls it’s a no-no for the guys.

Off Your Trolley
Fed up of holding your shopping in your hands, is it proving too strenuous on your soft palms? 
Then look no further, Rolser are here to help. 
Known as the “Rolls Royce of shopping trolleys”, Rolser’s have been stocking the most fashionable trolleys in the UK and Ireland for the last 15 years, so you’ll never have to hold another carrier bag for the rest of your days.

A Puff Here, A Puff There
Holding a cigarette in your hand is so 2009.
Ladies why not get your Aubrey Hepburn on and purchase an oh-so elegant cigarette holder and for the lads, it’s time to prove just how much of a man's man you really are and learn how to smoke a pipe.