Thursday, 21 October 2010

30 Seconds In The Mind Of...

Floss: A Man Of Many Words
Floss, 21, is perhaps the hardest working young man in Islington. Floss is an actor, events manager, mentor, rapper, poet and whatever else you need him to be. He has been an active member in the borough of Islington since his early teens and one of his proudest moments was when he performed for legendary Hip Hop mogul, Russell Simmons. Floss is currently doing his rounds promoting his Halloween rave called 'Haunted'.

What couldn't you live without?
I couldn't live without ambition.

What would you say is your worst habit?
My worst habit is spending silly amounts of money.

What do you find really annoying in other people?
People who think they're sick but they're not. I can't stand people who can't dress - never wear fakes or wear Louis Vuitton and Gucci together or wear sunglasses indoors - annoying.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I still watch cartoons, it's a bit embarrassing.

What is your dream job?
Whatever pays the most.

Floss' Favourites
Freestyle by Joe Black


Google - I just like the fact you can google and find anything

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