Friday, 15 October 2010

The Glamourous Life...

Issue 115: October 2010 

Personal Opinion: Not The Best Outfit For Her Body

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a GLAMOUR girl and if you really know me well you'd know that I have copies of the magazine coming out of my ears, as I am NEVER without a copy. 

I'm a fan of GLAMOUR magazine for several reasons and here are my top three:
  1. I love flicking through the glossy pages and reading the captions under all the pictures
  2. I love that the magazine is broken down into sections
  3. I love 'Hey, it's OK...' (first page I search for)
In this issue of GLAMOUR I really enjoyed reading 'Inside A Sleep Expert's Bedroom' by Humphrey Klinkenberg, although this wasn't the longest feature I found it very informative and it was just filled with useful tips that will help rule out the mistakes that many of us make when we're trying to get some kip.

'Your Most Embarrassing Sex Moments (And How To Survive Them!)' gave me a laugh out loud moment whilst I made my way home from work on the tube. If the last disaster doesn't make you laugh then I'm sorry to say but there must be something wrong with you.

Finally as one of the promotions in the magazine this month, GLAMOUR created two fold out pages dedicated to Max Colour Effect by Max Factor called 'The New Colour Rules'. The advertioral features tips from make-up artist Caroline Barnes. 
Watch out for my review on 'The Glamourous Life' next month...

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