Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Shortcuts: Granny Trends

This Is How It All Begins...
Grand-Daddy Cool?

Hair loss, dentures, wrinkles, lack of mobility and gravity taking an overwhelming toll on your physical appearance are all the things that make me happy to be 20. 
However it’s a well-known fact that life starts at 40 but that isn’t true - life really begins at 65 - as life doesn’t really get fun until you’re a certified granny. 
People 65 and over are living the life and they are the real trendsetters.
All the hottest looks and trends all over the world have been inspired by none other than the OAPs and if your like me and have about four decades before your granted your granny status here are a few trends that are accessible to us…

Granny’s Secret
Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney have both launched underwear lines celebrating oversized pants. Truth be told granny pants are amazing. 
They hold in all those bits that you don’t want to be visible when you’re wearing that ultra tight dress or skirt. 
But let’s not get confused granny pants are only cool for girls it’s a no-no for the guys.

Off Your Trolley
Fed up of holding your shopping in your hands, is it proving too strenuous on your soft palms? 
Then look no further, Rolser are here to help. 
Known as the “Rolls Royce of shopping trolleys”, Rolser’s have been stocking the most fashionable trolleys in the UK and Ireland for the last 15 years, so you’ll never have to hold another carrier bag for the rest of your days.

A Puff Here, A Puff There
Holding a cigarette in your hand is so 2009.
Ladies why not get your Aubrey Hepburn on and purchase an oh-so elegant cigarette holder and for the lads, it’s time to prove just how much of a man's man you really are and learn how to smoke a pipe.

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