Thursday, 31 March 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

Diddy Dirty Money - Your Love (Remix) ft. Rick Ross & Trey Songz

"We in the motherf***ing building, a hundred f***king bottles! Yeeaaahhhh!"

Now I've got to admit, this wasn't my favourite song from the 'Last Train To Paris' as I think the ladies' verse is a bit crude. But since getting the album in December it has definitely grown and every time Diddy's verse starts, I can't help but scream his first few words, "B**** you know I'm Diddy h**!" The video was directed by Colin Tiley who has been hard at work this year and is responsible for some of the hottest videos in 2011; and here's a little exclusive for you, he'll be directing Lil' Wayne's video for 'If I Die Today (John)', Keri Hilson's video for 'Lose Control' and Chipmunk's video for 'In The Air'. Diddy recently tweeted that the album's a visual one and wants to know what single to release next; I'm literally crying out to see a video for the fantastic song which is 'Shades' - so my fingers and toes are crossed.

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Glamourous Life...

Issue 120: March 2011
Magazine cover
Personal Opinion: Very Pretty & Very Annoying in GLEE
I know it's a bit late but I shouldn't have to tell you what I'm about to do because you already know, so let's get it going...

The top three 'Hey, it's OK...' from this month are:
  1. "...if you're the one who writes her name on her stapler at work. Well, if people will insist on taking what's not theirs"
  2. " send the odd tipsy text to a man. Drunken, tearful 3am phone calls, though, not OK"
  3. " be over the age of 12 and still wear mittens. They're very trendy, actually"
This month's cover-star is Lea Michele from Glee. I have to admit she started off as one of  the funnier characters in Glee, then she became very annoying but in the more recent episodes of the second series she's started to grow on me again and gives me the occasional laugh out loud moment in some of her scenes. (But none of the cast of Glee are funnier than Brittany - b****!).

But back to GLAMOUR, now from reading my previous posts of 'The Glamourous Life...' I've realised that I hardly talk about the fashion content within the magazine, so it's time to switch it up.

Now I'm not big on following fashion trends because personally I don't get the hype around some trends, especially as some don't even last long and let's be real I don't have the monetary status to keep up with every trend. But a trend that I am definitely feeling is the bright block colours. In this issue GLAMOUR created a wicked ten page spread with the help of photographer, Coliena Rentmeester, called 'POP YOUR COLOUR' which for me sold the trend.

For those of you who know me (which is all of my 20 followers) you know that nothing makes me happier than, (1) eating good food, (2) watching a good film, and (3) experimenting with make-up; and if there's one thing that GLAMOUR caters to is us make-up fiends. 'Beauty With POW!' by Charlotte-Anne Fidler, highlights the hottest hair and make-up trends for this summer and I am loving it. As a young black girl, I'm fed up of playing it safe with my colour palette so with a little help from Sleek I will be rocking so many different shades of colour when the sun comes out.

I don't want to say too much more because you need to go get yourself your own copy but until next month - stay glamourous.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Laugh Out Loud Moment

The little boy in this video has got this song stuck in my head - his rendition of this song is really cute. Watch out for when he tries to spit Ludacris' verse. Enjoy:

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Something I Think You Should Hear

Keri Hilson - No Boys Allowed

Keri Hilson is definitely a dark horse, and with No Boys Allowed I think she's inviting us all to see who she really is. With her last instalment I thought we were seeing, and forgive me for what I'm about to say, I thought we were seeing talent on the level of Aaliyah. With backing from Timbaland I was sure Keri Hilson was going to be that artist that touched us deeply with her music but it turns out she really is not.

No Boys Allowed is not a bad album, I do like a couple songs, I really like 'One Night Stand' but of course there are a lot of songs that I don't like. The number one one being 'Pretty Girl Rock' and for anyone female who thinks that song is empowering *pauses* I have to question who you'd regard as a strong women.

So yeah the album's alright but what I'm not understanding is why it's called No Boys Allowed when all she does is sing about boys, I guess common sense isn't common anymore. This album is just standard, I wish that Keri would drop this "I don't need a man attitude", yeah it was cute in 'Turning Me On' but it quickly turned to trashy with 'The Way You Love Me'.

As much as I dislike this song, I figured it's only fair you see exactly why I think it's so bad:

Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock

Overall I'm not loving it but do let me know what your thoughts are on No Boys Allowed  

Laugh Out Loud Moment

This video is actually too funny - I don't know what's funnier the fact that the little boy could actually give Shakira a run for her money or the music that has been placed on top of the footage.My sister sent me this video and I almost died of laughter when I watched it, so I hope you find it as entertaining as I did. Enjoy:

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

Keri Hilson - One Night Stand ft. Chris Brown

This is another Hilson and Brown colaboration which I quite like  and I've only listened to it twice. As for the video, I'm not feeling it, the pair look like mechanics from the Matrix and the matching blonde hair is lame. More lame than the matching hair colours is their dance routine which just lacks the wow factor. But what I will say is that I'm happy that Chris Brown has finally premiered his new hairstyle in a video. Overall, it was just alright; I don't love it, but I don't hate it.

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Rest In Peace

Elizabeth Taylor
This is another sad week in showbiz, as the iconic actress and beauty, Elizabeth Taylor has passed away, age 79, due heart failure - R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor (27th February, 1932 - 23rd March, 2011). 

Really Quick

Rihanna Long Braided Hairstyle Chris Brown Good Morning America Shirtless shattered window tattoos blonde hair
I'm Not Sure Who Irritates Me More...Probably Rihanna

So I've just come back from the library and I was just doing my last checks on celebrity gossip and of course I went to my number one source, the beloved, Concrete Loop, and obviously these two "entertainers" (above) were at the top of the page.

It's got to the point where I don't know which one out of Chris Brown and Rihanna gets under my skin more; like they are both just disgracing the face of young people in the industry. If you haven't heard already Chris Brown went on Good Morning America and when he was questioned about the "situation" that happened two years ago he started getting rude and then took it upon himself to go backstage and smash up his dressing room before storming out onto the street and acting a damn fool, whilst looking like a crackhead.

On the other hand, we've got Miss Umbrella (and yes, she is still rocking them red wigs up and down the world) who can no longer sell out shows; which means people have started paying attention to the fact she can't sing, she can't really dance and she has a bad attitude. But if anything, I'm happy that she's not selling tickets because it was only a couple weeks ago that she wanted to get rude on Twitter to Ciara about booking shows, and now who's struggling?

To round up, (as I've got to go to bed because I've got a lecture in 6 hours and 50 minutes), what goes around comes around. Chris Brown doesn't deserve to sell records and just move on with his life, until he is willing to really apologise and most importantly acknowledge how big a deal what he did two years ago to Rihanna was. As for Rihanna, she needs to realise that her s*** does stink, get a new weave and re-adjust her attitude; perhaps these two are a match made in Hollywood heaven.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Is This Music? Really?

Forget Parental Advisory
Not too long ago I posted Omarion's video for his single, 'Come & F**k With Me', within that post I had a little rant about music videos becoming too overly explicit and there was me thinking that the worst was over, boy was I wrong. Skepta. Need I say anymore? If you haven't seen Skepta's "music video" for his single, 'All Over The House', then ofcourse you won't understand this post and obviously because I don't condone that video I will not be adding a link to it on my blog.

Let me start by saying the 'All Over The House' video has is NOT a music video, it isn't even a great song; what it is, is a four minute porn film. I really don't get why Skepta, as a musician, thought that a porn film would make for a good video idea. I get that everyone wants exposure but if this video was Skepta's plan for exposure then shame on him because he's got it all wrong. There was absolutely, 100% no need for such a video and if I'm honest I hope his attempt of getting a buzz and getting his name circulating flops. I strongly believe that if you make good music, work hard, have a decent following and continue to perfect your craft then success is inevitable; with the exception of those who just get lucky.

To round up, Skepta could've (and should've come) better and if he did want to create a buzz with that video, he needs to get himself a publicist. Any publicist with some sense would've told him that he had no business making an appearance in that video. Instead, he should've let that porn film/video cause a stir and then release a statement claiming it's not the official video and release a TV-friendly video for 'All Over The House'. But I'm guessing Skepta's proud that his video made it onto WorldStarHipHop, so pat on the back for him, not - that video equals a massive FAIL!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Laugh Out Loud Moment

Ok, so a lot of people have been talking about this song and video and I guess it's time for me to put in my two piece. Rebecca Black. Wow - I actually don't know what to say. Well, first off, I'm not sure whether she's an actual artist or whether this is a spoof, but I hope for her sake it's a joke because this is possibly the worst song EVER!! The song is called, 'Friday' and it auto-tune at its worse, as for the video it's not much better. If this is a real artist then I feel rather sorry for her because somebody should've told her that the song sucks. There's not much more I can say so check it out for yourself:

Rebecca Black - Friday

Something I Think You Should Hear...

Chris Brown - F.A.M.E.

So if you're a big Chris Brown fan then you've been waiting for this album for a while and I'm guessing you think it's a good album. However if you like good music you'll agree with me on the fact that this album is not great at all; the hype around this album has seriously outshadowed the fact that this ablum lacks a lot. 

I could go track by track and explain why this isn't a "great" album, I mean I won't call it rubbish, Wiz Khalifa's album is deserving of that title, but F.A.M.E. is just whatever. I can't even put it in words, what I can say is that it is much better than Graffiti but it has nothing on Exclusive.

My main problem with this album is that if this album is a dedication to his fans then all the songs should have stories behind them but instead the majority of these tracks are about the same*yawns*
The only songs which I think justify the title of this album are Beautiful People and Champion.

So moving on from that I will admitt that Brown does have an alright collective of tracks, although I do think some are way too vulgar e.g. Wet The Bed. In conclusion, I'm not impressed and I think Chris Brown needs to get off this "bad boy" tip, grow up and get back into the lab (preferably the one he was in when he created Exclusive) and come back with something much better.

As I don't like any of the songs from this album very much, I figured I'd give you a throwback:

Please comment and let me know your take on F.A.M.E.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

NOTE: I'm re-posting this as the last time I posted it the video got removed.


Chris Brown - Look At Me Now ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil' Wayne

Chris Brown will be dropping his fourth album, 'F.A.M.E.' in less than two weeks and he has chosen to lead the project with an up-tempo track called 'Look At Me Now' which features verses from Busta Rhymes and Lil' Wayne. As much as I love to hate Chris Brown the brother's got talent; in this video (and on the track)  Brown displays his rapping skills again, proves that he can still sing and shows off more of his dance moves. The video which was directed by Colin Tilley, and does it's job of entertaining its audience well. What I will say is that I'm disappointed at Mr. Brown for not showing off his newly dyed hair, other than that, I like the song and the video - "If you've got eyes look at me now b****!"

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Rest In Peace

Nate Dogg

Some very sad news this morning; legendary hip hop singer, Nate Dogg has passed away, age 41. Below is one of my favourite songs featuring the singer - R.I.P Nate Dogg (August 19th, 1969 - March 15th, 2011).

Ludacris - Area Codes ft. Nate Dogg

Friday, 11 March 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

Nelly - Gone ft. Kelly Rowland

Remember 9 years ago when rapper Nelly released a song called, 'Dilemma' featuring Kelly Rowland and it was on every radio station and television channel - well they're back. This time around the song is called 'Gone' and I'm guessing that both Nelly & Kelly are hoping to get the same chart success that 'Dilemma' got them in 2002. The song 'Gone', like many songs in the mainstream music industry now, isn't brilliant but it's catchy and the video is nice to watch. I wonder what Ashanti has to say about some of the more intimate scenes in the video.

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Laugh Out Loud Moment

This video is one my Sister (also my bestfriend) told me about but I only just watched, which means I'm late but it made me laugh sooo much I had to post it. Enjoy:

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...


Omarion - Come & F**k With Me

As I've said before I am, or should I say was, a big Omarion fan, but after his album 'Ollusion' I started to lose faith in him and his potential to hold up his music career on his own. Actually that's a lie, I began to doubt Omarion's talent when he decided to do that album with Bow Wow, which in my eyes was a waste of studio time. Come to think about it, Omarion has made a string of bad career decisions because signing to Young Money and then asking to be released wasn't a good look either. Anyway, to bring us to the present - today he uploaded the video for his new single, (from which album or mixtape we're yet to discover) which is a cover of a Jodeci song called 'Come & F**k With Me' onto WorldStarHipHop.
 Now, I'm about to go off on a rant and I'm purely venting because Omarion is one of those singers (like, Ciara, Teairra Mari and Lloyd) who has so much potential to become great but keeps getting it wrong. First off, the title of the song is just wrong and distasteful. Secondly, the song itself isn't great; it sounds like it still needs to be tweaked and a couple of his vocals could be better.

As for the video - I am fed up of seeing performers bringing what they do in their bedrooms centre stage because it is not classy. All these male singers need to give it a rest with these borderline porn videos (cough, cough - Raheem DeVaughn and Trey Songz). I know for a fact that if a female singer, in particular, a black female singer came out with a video where she was getting it on with a male model there would be some problems. In fact, when Ciara released her video for 'Ride', it caused a big stir and the only thing she rode was the floor and a mechanical bull. Basically all these singers honestly need to leave something to the imagination.

Omarion's video features the very beatuful model, Rosa Acosta (who is a whole lot of woman for Omarion to handle - personally), who I believe shouldn't have chosen to wear what she did in this video shoot, because she would've looked ten times better in nice lingerie set instead of the Borat styled negligee. What else I think would've helped this video was the use of better shots, as some scenes were just a bit too blue movie type. To conclude, I'm very disappointed in Omarion, especially because he had the cheek to call out other male musicians, and I think Omarion needs to stop trying so hard to prove that's he's grown (and not gay), and just release some good music.

NOTE: The Jodeci version was called 'Come & Talk To Me'

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

30 Seconds In The Mind Of...

She Just Does Too Much
LaurynUK, 21, describes herself as, tall, spectacles, tattoos (and that is a direct quote - don't ask). Although she's too modest to say so, LaurynUK is one of London's many underrated musicians; this girl can hold a damn good note. She's currently a Law student at Westminster University where she hopes following graduation, she'll become a successful lawyer to the stars, and deal  with cases involving Justin Bieber's hair (again, don't ask). At 21, her most challenging moment surfaced when she realised she'd never be able to find white covered Oreos ever again, and her proudest moment came a few years back, whilst watched people sing her lyrics back to her as she performed in a club. So - for 30 seconds only, I welcome you to the mind of LaurynUK...

What couldn't you live without?
Music. I definitely couldn't survive without it [music].

What would you say is your worst habit?
The fact that my iPhone is permanently glued to my hand.

What do you find really annoying in other people?
Egos, especially when they are not deserved - I don't knock self belief but seriously?

What is your guilty pleasure?
Hip thrusting to 80's power ballads.

Most treasured possession?
My tickets to see Adele in April; I look at them all the time to make sure they exist.

ONE thing no-one knows about you...
I own every film that Michael Cera has been in because I have a huge dorky crush on him.

LaurynUK's Favourites
At the moment - One & Only by Adele; I honestly can't choose an all time favourite. I love music so this is tough but give me anything by Lauryn Hill, Jessie J, Paulo Nutini or Kanye West and I'm happy.

For Laughs:
Website - I love Tumblr

You can follow LaurynUK on TWITTER or check out her BLOG or check out her TUMBLR

Monday, 7 March 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

Willow Smith - 21st Century Girl

It's undeniable that 'Whip My Hair' was a tune and the teeny pop princess who is none other than Willow Smith is trying her luck with her second single, '21st Century Girl'. I personally don't believe this song is as good as her first single but compared to other songs in the chart it's fine by me. Rather than sounding like a mini Rihanna, Willow has opted to go for a more Kesha sounding track.

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...


Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up

I honestly can say that I'm not fond of this song, however, I do like this video because it's got that real feel good summer vibe to it. The video features "singer" Cassie and I believe that make a much more fitting couple than Wiz and Amber Rose, but back to the music; this song could become catchy but I doubt it'll be as catchy as 'Black & Yellow' as that song has earned it's certified banger status.

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Kicking off this month's 'Hmmm...' is a story I'm sure that you've all heard about but I figured I'd grace you all with my commentary on the topic; Ciara Vs. Rihanna - Twitter Beef.

They Both Get Nil Pwa For These Outfits
So Ciara appeared on Joan River's show, Fashion Police on E! and when she was asked to comment on an outfit that Rihanna wore she decided to air some irrelevant information about how Rihanna had blanked her at some party. CIARA ON FASHION POLICE  Following on from Ciara's unnecessary comment, Rihanna took it upon herself to go on Twitter and take digs at Ciara's career, which turned into yet another Twitter beef, which disappointingly lasted a whole 20 minutes. Here's what was said:

@Rihanna: My bad ci, did I 4get to tip you? #howrudeofme

@Ciara: Trust me Rhiana u dont want to see me on or off the stage

@Rihanna: U gangsta huh? Haaa

@Rihanna: Good luck bookin that stage u speak of

@Ciara: Pure comedy...

@Rihanna: Ciara baby I love u girl! U hurt my feelings real bad on TV! I'm heartbroken! That's y I retaliated this way! So sorry! #letsmakeup

@Ciara: Rhi u know its always been love since day 1! Doing shows/everything. you threw me off in that party. Apology accepted. Let's chat in person 

The exchange between the two didn't last very long but I'm gonna just say it Rihanna's a bitch. Although what Ciara said on Fashion Police was out of line Rihanna showed her true characteristics by tweeting what she did, and stooped very low by taking hits at Ciara's career. I think that Ciara on the other hand should've kept her mouth shut on TV but handled Rihanna's catty comments very well. However, it would've been nice if Ciara held up her side of the ring better by getting back at Rihanna because there was so much she could've said but such is life. All in all, their "beef" was dry - it has nothing on Raz B's and Chris Brown's Twitter beef which was epic and speaking of Chris Brown...

He Reminds Me Of Neutrino from So Solid Crew
I don't know what to make of this; I like Chris Brown's attempt at hiding his receding hairline but blonde - really? I think Chris Brown should hold back on making any rash decisions. He not too long ago released artwork for his album 'F.A.M.E.' and the graffiti style picture of himself had black hair, so on March 22nd when that album drops, I'm expecting to see that character with blonde hair. I definitely think Chris Brown has given Wiz Khalifa's song, 'Black & Yellow' a new definition.

Finally, Britney Spears is back and I wish she would just quit. I honestly believe that Britney doesn't have the same passion for music or being an entertainer as she once did. Her new video, 'Hold It Against Me' was a fail on some many different levels. The song isn't great and the video's worst; I would suggest that Ms. Spears takes so time to figure out what it is she wants to do with her life.
If you haven't seen it already, here it is:

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me