Thursday, 10 March 2011

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Omarion - Come & F**k With Me

As I've said before I am, or should I say was, a big Omarion fan, but after his album 'Ollusion' I started to lose faith in him and his potential to hold up his music career on his own. Actually that's a lie, I began to doubt Omarion's talent when he decided to do that album with Bow Wow, which in my eyes was a waste of studio time. Come to think about it, Omarion has made a string of bad career decisions because signing to Young Money and then asking to be released wasn't a good look either. Anyway, to bring us to the present - today he uploaded the video for his new single, (from which album or mixtape we're yet to discover) which is a cover of a Jodeci song called 'Come & F**k With Me' onto WorldStarHipHop.
 Now, I'm about to go off on a rant and I'm purely venting because Omarion is one of those singers (like, Ciara, Teairra Mari and Lloyd) who has so much potential to become great but keeps getting it wrong. First off, the title of the song is just wrong and distasteful. Secondly, the song itself isn't great; it sounds like it still needs to be tweaked and a couple of his vocals could be better.

As for the video - I am fed up of seeing performers bringing what they do in their bedrooms centre stage because it is not classy. All these male singers need to give it a rest with these borderline porn videos (cough, cough - Raheem DeVaughn and Trey Songz). I know for a fact that if a female singer, in particular, a black female singer came out with a video where she was getting it on with a male model there would be some problems. In fact, when Ciara released her video for 'Ride', it caused a big stir and the only thing she rode was the floor and a mechanical bull. Basically all these singers honestly need to leave something to the imagination.

Omarion's video features the very beatuful model, Rosa Acosta (who is a whole lot of woman for Omarion to handle - personally), who I believe shouldn't have chosen to wear what she did in this video shoot, because she would've looked ten times better in nice lingerie set instead of the Borat styled negligee. What else I think would've helped this video was the use of better shots, as some scenes were just a bit too blue movie type. To conclude, I'm very disappointed in Omarion, especially because he had the cheek to call out other male musicians, and I think Omarion needs to stop trying so hard to prove that's he's grown (and not gay), and just release some good music.

NOTE: The Jodeci version was called 'Come & Talk To Me'

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  1. I just saw the video and I sooo agree!!! It was very distasteful. What the model wore, was not flattering and frankly I think the whole video just shows how desperate Omarion is getting! So he feels to make a shocker video to get attention. Omarion might as well drop his music career and have a career in porn!


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