Tuesday, 8 March 2011

30 Seconds In The Mind Of...

She Just Does Too Much
LaurynUK, 21, describes herself as, tall, spectacles, tattoos (and that is a direct quote - don't ask). Although she's too modest to say so, LaurynUK is one of London's many underrated musicians; this girl can hold a damn good note. She's currently a Law student at Westminster University where she hopes following graduation, she'll become a successful lawyer to the stars, and deal  with cases involving Justin Bieber's hair (again, don't ask). At 21, her most challenging moment surfaced when she realised she'd never be able to find white covered Oreos ever again, and her proudest moment came a few years back, whilst watched people sing her lyrics back to her as she performed in a club. So - for 30 seconds only, I welcome you to the mind of LaurynUK...

What couldn't you live without?
Music. I definitely couldn't survive without it [music].

What would you say is your worst habit?
The fact that my iPhone is permanently glued to my hand.

What do you find really annoying in other people?
Egos, especially when they are not deserved - I don't knock self belief but seriously?

What is your guilty pleasure?
Hip thrusting to 80's power ballads.

Most treasured possession?
My tickets to see Adele in April; I look at them all the time to make sure they exist.

ONE thing no-one knows about you...
I own every film that Michael Cera has been in because I have a huge dorky crush on him.

LaurynUK's Favourites
At the moment - One & Only by Adele; I honestly can't choose an all time favourite. I love music so this is tough but give me anything by Lauryn Hill, Jessie J, Paulo Nutini or Kanye West and I'm happy.

For Laughs:
Tumblr.com - I love Tumblr

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