Saturday, 19 March 2011

Is This Music? Really?

Forget Parental Advisory
Not too long ago I posted Omarion's video for his single, 'Come & F**k With Me', within that post I had a little rant about music videos becoming too overly explicit and there was me thinking that the worst was over, boy was I wrong. Skepta. Need I say anymore? If you haven't seen Skepta's "music video" for his single, 'All Over The House', then ofcourse you won't understand this post and obviously because I don't condone that video I will not be adding a link to it on my blog.

Let me start by saying the 'All Over The House' video has is NOT a music video, it isn't even a great song; what it is, is a four minute porn film. I really don't get why Skepta, as a musician, thought that a porn film would make for a good video idea. I get that everyone wants exposure but if this video was Skepta's plan for exposure then shame on him because he's got it all wrong. There was absolutely, 100% no need for such a video and if I'm honest I hope his attempt of getting a buzz and getting his name circulating flops. I strongly believe that if you make good music, work hard, have a decent following and continue to perfect your craft then success is inevitable; with the exception of those who just get lucky.

To round up, Skepta could've (and should've come) better and if he did want to create a buzz with that video, he needs to get himself a publicist. Any publicist with some sense would've told him that he had no business making an appearance in that video. Instead, he should've let that porn film/video cause a stir and then release a statement claiming it's not the official video and release a TV-friendly video for 'All Over The House'. But I'm guessing Skepta's proud that his video made it onto WorldStarHipHop, so pat on the back for him, not - that video equals a massive FAIL!

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