Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Really Quick

Rihanna Long Braided Hairstyle Chris Brown Good Morning America Shirtless shattered window tattoos blonde hair
I'm Not Sure Who Irritates Me More...Probably Rihanna

So I've just come back from the library and I was just doing my last checks on celebrity gossip and of course I went to my number one source, the beloved, Concrete Loop, and obviously these two "entertainers" (above) were at the top of the page.

It's got to the point where I don't know which one out of Chris Brown and Rihanna gets under my skin more; like they are both just disgracing the face of young people in the industry. If you haven't heard already Chris Brown went on Good Morning America and when he was questioned about the "situation" that happened two years ago he started getting rude and then took it upon himself to go backstage and smash up his dressing room before storming out onto the street and acting a damn fool, whilst looking like a crackhead.

On the other hand, we've got Miss Umbrella (and yes, she is still rocking them red wigs up and down the world) who can no longer sell out shows; which means people have started paying attention to the fact she can't sing, she can't really dance and she has a bad attitude. But if anything, I'm happy that she's not selling tickets because it was only a couple weeks ago that she wanted to get rude on Twitter to Ciara about booking shows, and now who's struggling?

To round up, (as I've got to go to bed because I've got a lecture in 6 hours and 50 minutes), what goes around comes around. Chris Brown doesn't deserve to sell records and just move on with his life, until he is willing to really apologise and most importantly acknowledge how big a deal what he did two years ago to Rihanna was. As for Rihanna, she needs to realise that her s*** does stink, get a new weave and re-adjust her attitude; perhaps these two are a match made in Hollywood heaven.


  1. LOOL @ RiRi's red wigs.. But on a serious note, I agree, that whole incident two years ago was major and it's worse due to the fact that they're in the public eye constantly, so it's never really going to go away (no matter how many dressing rooms Chris vandalises). However, I must say that I have copped his F.A.M.E album and in my opinion, it's some of his best work yet.(Still not 100% sold on the blonde look though).

  2. Lol! Its tru 1 bad mistake can haunt u for life so he mite aswell just deal with it. I do like his newer stuff doe its more gritty and mature dan he's candy floss good boi pop/rnb stuff he used to do (which I also loved to be honest!) but yea dat blonde hair makes him look like an albino! Its like him & Rhianna are competing to see who can look d most stupid & c how many people copy them!

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