Thursday, 9 December 2010

30 Seconds In The Mind Of...

Kay Thomas
The Many Faces Of Kay
Kay Thomas, 19, makes up one half of the design team behind the Milkshake Club - if you haven't heard about the Milkshake Club, I bet you've seen people on the streets of London (and Luton) rocking their hoodies, beanies or T-shirts. Kay's currently in his first year at the University of Bedfordshire where he is studying Graphic Design and describes himself as bonkers, genuine and sociable.

What couldn't you live without?
My "precious" BlackBerry and McDonald's strawberry milkshake.

What would you say is your worst habit?
Clicking my fingers - it's second nature at the moment.

What do you find really annoying in other people?
Bad sense of humour! Like, I like to buss jokes a lot, as well as that I can't stand people who lie, are antisocial or are rude for no reason.

What is your guilty pleasure?
There are times when I really can't be asked to get a shape up.

What is your dream job?
To become a member of a worldwide design team or advertisement designer.

Kay's Favourites
Home For The Holiday by J. Cole



You can follow Kay on TWITTER or check out his BLOG

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