Sunday, 28 November 2010

Essay? What Essay?

This Might Be My New Moto

So my aim for this weekend was to read, read, read and then write up an essay - well that plan failed miserably and instead I've decided to procrastinate.
Now normally I'm the most motivated person in the world but at present that isn't the case.
I'd rather stuff my face with sweets, download music ("legally" of course), see what all the latest is on Facebook, perhaps Tweet, catch up with that trash we call TV.
Like I literally mean it, I'm willing to do anything other than this essay.
The worst thing about the mood I'm in is that this essay I need to write isn't even that hard, all I have to do is read and that's where the problem arises...I do not want to read!
However, I've decided that tonight I'm NOT gonna read and instead I'll get this procrastination out of my system and tomorrow I'll take it from the top - serious, I will, promise - now to eat some ice cream...Don't judge me!

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