Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Is Time Running Out?

The Cake I Never Got To Taste
As my Mother hits five decades I think of all the great things I would like to achieve by the time another three decades are added to my life. I think of the unrealistic timeline I have embedded in my mind, you know the one I'm talking about - dream job at 23, married by 25 (27 the latest), kids before 30 and billionaire by 40.

Now I'm 20, meaning I have about two years and a bit to get to where I need to in order to be at my dream job by 23. At 21 I should technically be with the man of my dreams if I'm planning to be waltzing down that isle come 25. Kids aren't at the top of the agenda after watching 'One Born Every Minute' but as for billionaire I have roughly seven years to think of a get-rich-quick scheme that's gonna ensure that I'm living comfortably for the rest of my days.

Looks like my to-do list is going to need more than one sheet of A4...

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