Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Just Look Over Your Shoulder

Big Foot?
Last week one of my best friends asked me to come out for a meal, at first I was a little resistant because I'm all about my sleep nowadays and I don't relish in the idea of loosing anymore sleep. 

Anyway I obliged and we ended going to a restaurant in Islington called Mem & Laz and the menu in that place was ridiculous - they cook every meal in any recipe book. 
I ordered Bangers & Mash which was beautiful, I tasted a little Pan Chicken and I dribbled at the sight of their homemade burger and curly fries. The meal was lovely and the prices of the meals didn't send a chill up my spine, but this post isn't about amazing food at good prices, instead this post is about the importance of friends.

We all know defining friends isn't easy, as some so-called "friends" don't deserve the title however for those who can be deemed worthy of the title you've gotta love them.
Real friends know how to put your mind at rest when your stress levels hit an all time high, they know how to make you laugh when you thought you'd never laugh again and when your hurting their actions or words are the most comforting thing in the world.

Nonetheless, I think the key thing about friends is that they ultimately define the type of person you are and although each person in a group of friend has their individual personality traits the thing that keeps your group together is the fact that you have the same views on various issues. 

In the past I have found it very hard to define the type of person I was and I believe that the type of people I was hanging around with was a big part of it because they were nothing like me. So if you find that on more than one occasion you have disagreed with someone in your group of friends or the entire group's view on whatever or just felt uncomfortable because you weren't able to express yourself, then it might be time to think about whether the people you're hanging about with are truly your kind of people.

To conclude, even though making friends is all about accepting people for who they are, that doesn't mean you should compromise who you are because being fake to avoid conflict will only lead to conflict.

Be yourself and be happy. Love the friends that make you happy and leave the ones that...don't!


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