Tuesday, 21 September 2010


The Bernie Grant Arts Centre is host to some of London's hottest businesses - Creative Engagement, Martine Rose and of course there's Catch 22.

Fehintola Betiku talks to Ahmed Akashar, founder of Design 237 to find out more about the man of Unit 18.

“When you're a creative your inclination is to be in control of your own destiny,” says 33 year old Ahmed Akasha, the creative director behind the graphic design company Design 237.

From a young age Ahmed had his sights on doing something big, his initial plan for life was to become an architect but after studying Architecture at uni for two years he realised it wasn't for him and found his calling in Multimedia.

Once he had his hands firmly in graphic design he figured it was time to expand and start his own business and in 2003 Design 237 was born.

Ahmed describes his job as being a combination of two things, “As a graphic designer you're somewhere in between art and science - it's a challenge trying to find the balance between beauty and form.”

Design 237 is located in the neighbouring office to Catch 22 and similar to the founder of Catch 22, Tokunbo Ajasa-Olluwa, Ahmed knows of the struggles that young people face when starting up their own businesses.

His advice to young business men and women is, “Have goals set in place, manage your expectations and research”.

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