Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Today We Join These Partners In Money Matrimony...

One Ring Too Short?
When my intern ends in five weeks I'll have the opportunity to begin a work placement at one of Catch 22 media partners. Their partners are amongst the UK's biggest publishing houses, such as Redwood Groups, Haymarket, John Brown Groups and Trinity Media.

Below I have chosen my top three partners that I would be honoured to work with...

"We create buzz. Build brands. Break boundaries." 
At current Conde Nast own 15 publications and their circulation is 1,539,661 (per issue). Vogue is Conde Nast flagship magazine, the magazine is sold worldwide and is renowned for its innovative fashion shoots.

If I were to work for Conde Nast, I would like to write for GLAMOUR because it is a women's fashion and lifestyle magazine, but unlike Vogue the fashion presented in GLAMOUR is more high street than straight off the catwalk.

Recent News
The managing director of Conde Nast UK, Nicholas Coleridge, has predicted that more publishers will be creating Apps for Apple's iPad.

"Bauer Media is a division of the Bauer Media Group, Europe’s largest privately owned publishing Group."
Bauer Media Group is a UK based company which operates on two platforms - Magazines & Radio. The company has a circulation of 2,814,745 (per issue). Grazia is Bauer's most recent publication that has been adopted by the UK with arms wide open.

If I were to work for Bauer Media Group, I would like to write for Grazia as it attracts a similar audience to Conde Nast magazine GLAMOUR, because it is a women's glossy.

Recent News
Bauer Media launching Grazia TV online.

"NatMag publish some of the most admired and well-established magazines in the UK"
NatMag has a circulation of 3,050,689 and produces consumer magazines.
If I were to work for NatMag, I would like to write for their men's magazine Esquire. Although Esquire is very different from Grazia and GLAMOUR I think it contains similar content but obviously for the opposite sex.

Recent News
Jeremy Langmead, the editor of Esquire magazine after three and half years.

Nonetheless I would be more than happy writing for any of Catch 22's partners, so hopefully there's no hard feelings. 

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