Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Dedicated To The Lover...

I'm Guessing They Found Each Other Irresistible

As I hear the kisses he applies to my neck, my knees start to weaken. 
His hands move from my hips to my inner thighs and I’m on my back again, we kiss, the taste he leaves in my mouth is delicious. 

His kisses always keep me hungry but he finds many ways to satisfy my appetite. 

Listening to his heartbeat as I lay on his smooth chest, I can tell that he is as nervous as I am. 

Perhaps afraid? 

Afraid of what we could become. 

I think of things I would be doing if I was not with him, and I get nothing. 

The dates in my diary will always be open, for me to receive his love. 


Much more lover, no definition as to what is going on but the moments we spend together I cherish, until we go back to our normal lives.

His scent is a combination of where he rests his head and the things that he wraps his beautiful skin in. 

I close my eyes, when I open them, I see him, I see my lover, my darling lover.

I return to my bed and he sleeps alone in his, I hope.


  1. Wow! really enjoyed that. took away a few cobwebs lol. ijoke. but keep them coming anyway!

  2. Thanks for the comment - I'll try my best to keep them coming without baring too much.


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