Thursday, 16 June 2011

Fresh From The Editing Suite...

Frank Ocean -Novacane

If you don't know about Frank Ocean by now then I really have to ask where have you been?
This guy dropped one of 2011's sickest mixtapes a little while back, and he has managed to keep a pretty low profile which has kept us all wanting more. This song 'Novacane' is definitely one of my favourites from 'Nostaglia/ULTRA', and I'm so happy he decided to put some visuals to the words.
The video is nothing less than odd, but hey he is part of OFWGKTA, so what did we expect. I like that the video pushes the feeling of the high he experiencing in the song. The video also has a pretty cool ending too. I'm hoping a video for 'Nature Feels' surfaces soon, because that's my jam.

Kanye West - Monster ft. Rick Ross, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver

So footage for this single dropped about four months ago but it just didn't seem finished. Turns out I was right, the video wasn't complete. Above is the official video for Mr. West's biggest banger to date 'Monster'. This track is in itself a monster; it features too many heavy hitters, who each grace this track with some wicked verses. The video is classic Kanye - genius. I've probably said this before but he hands down has the best videography out there. The only criticism I have for this video is Nicki Minaj's lace wig - girl!

Nicola Roberts - Beat Of My Drum

There's no doubt that I prefer this debut single to those of Cheryl's and Nadine's. I like that Nicola is embracing her own style and her sound (unlike the other two it isn't outdated or fake). Now to get stuck in...There are three things I dislike a lot about this song and video (1) Diplo bumped her because certain beats in this song sound way too similar to those from Beyonce's latest single 'Run The World (Girls)'. (2) Nicola doesn't yet seem like she's all that comfortable making a video without four other girls. (3) Finally Nicola needs to leave some of the dance moves she attempts alone - bye girl, fly girl!

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what you think of this song, laters xx

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