Saturday, 16 April 2011

Really Quick

I'm gonna just say it...Beyonce is the ultimate SWAGGERJACKER!!


Like my relationship with Rihanna, the relationship I have with Beyonce is definitely a love hate one. Beyonce has been in the industry for too long, for her not to know that she's meant to be a trendsetter not a follower of fashion. Sure Beyonce can sing and dance, at the same time, but one thing she isn't is original. Unlike "Queen Bey", Ri-Ri (although she's been accused of swaggerjacking too) is in some right a trendsetter.

Hand on my heart when I first saw the pictures of Beyonce shooting one of the scenes for her new single, 'Run The World (Girls)', her outfit immediately reminded me of what Rihanna wore in her video for 'Hard'. If you fail to see the similarity in the pictures above and below then you definitely have your "Bey-shades" on.


But let's be real, does the title of her new single not make you think, "Hold up...wasn't Rihanna on Jay Z's track? What's it called again?" It's called 'Run This Town', and we can even say the title somewhat swaggerjacks Rihanna's song 'Only Girl In The World'. C'mon Beyonce - and if you haven't seen the next picture then boy.

It's obvious Beyonce has an issue with Rihanna but instead of competing with the girl (which she shouldn't have to as Beyonce's talent speaks for itself) she needs to stay one step ahead and show us why she's been on the scene for over a decade. However, I guess Jay Z likes the idea of his Mrs and Mistress in matching outfits.

If you're anything like me, you'd already know of the buzz that Beyonce has created over her return to the spotlight and like me, you're already bored. We all know that apart from the music, Beyonce is dry! She never does anything shocking in her interviews, she always lets us know how blessed she is and never gives us anything juicy - so long live Rihanna (& Chris Brown *cheeky laugh*)


  1. Rochelle.Baby16/4/11 23:03

    LOOOL she wishes she was Young again!

  2. Anonymous16/4/11 23:04

    n Rhianna's always hiding her forehead man!

  3. JUST SAYING...18/4/11 16:52

    loving that you've brought that up! beyonce will never be a legend in her own right if she dont gain some damn personality and stop trying to project ownership on what has already been done!


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