Sunday, 10 April 2011


Take A Moment To Take This Photo In...
Are you with me now? Or do you need another minute? Yes - Idris Elba! The brother is fine, and I have to be real with you lot, I don't actually have anything to say about him, just that he's gorgeous. so moving along...

*Sighs* Keri Hilson. When Keri Hilson burst onto the scenes in 2008 I was definitely one of her biggest fans. Her music was good, her look was amazing and she didn't seem like your typical R&B singer - she was different. Then the more her popular she grew the more her style evolved, which I was down for, like everyone needs to switch it up a bit to stay relevant. Below I have selected six looks that Miss Hilson has rocked since her debut and the damage is there for your eyes to see...

These 3 Looks Showcase The Keri That I Loved and then...
Here's The Keri That I'm NOT Feeling!

As all these singers seem to do, Keri Hilson has become extremely annoying because she got obsessed with herself. She took someone's compliment about how pretty she is too far which lead her to release the very conceded song, 'Pretty Girl Rock'. That single is now certified gold and her head has swelled to about the same size as Kanye West's. However, I officially stopped being a fan when she premiered her video for 'The Way You Love Me', and just when I thought things couldn't get any worse - her sense of style also seems to be digressing and I don't know what her plans are, but I'm hoping it's to return to the Miss Keri Baby that I fell in love with.

Chris Brown - Beautiful People ft. Benny Benassi

Lastly, Chris Brown - there's no denying that Chris Brown gets on my nerves but unlike his ex-girlfriend the guy's got talent. He recently dyed his hair black again and I'm hoping that marks the end of his blonde alter-ego who thought he was invincible. Chris Brown should stick to the music and leave the fashion alone. Above is the video for his latest release from 'F.A.M.E'. The song 'Beautiful People' wasn't one of my favourites from the album (not that I have many favourites from the album) but it has definitely started to grow on me since the video came out. I like that the video is really simple and Chris has managed to do something a bit different from his usual, where he spazzes out whilst in-trance during a dance routine. I also enjoyed the cameos because he managed to get several heavy-hitters in a video that's less than 4 minutes.

I would like to end this on a positive but with Chris Brown that's never the case. This week Mr. Brown released the video to another single from 'F.A.M.E.' and there was honestly no need for it. I think it was Tuesday night when he was on Twitter boasting about the fact that the video would be on BET Uncut - like that's even a good thing? I really don't get what he is trying to do with his career because the video for 'Spend It All' is in direct contrast with the video for 'Beautiful People'. What Chris Brown needs to remember is that he is a Pop star, as much as he would like to think of himself as a R&B sensation, he's not - his music is of popular culture, he makes Pop music money, and therefore, he is a Pop star; meaning he has no business making videos where girls are booty-popping in their  underwear. But what I really don't get about the video for 'Spend It All' is what sector of his fans it's aimed at, assuming that the majority of his fans are females?


  1. Soraya :)10/4/11 16:28

    This post made me laugh - I love it when u cuss Chris Brown. Anyway, keep it up love.
    Oh, and can u put up the 'Spend It All' vid!


  2. keri hilson has merged into coke whore and chris brown is the number one clown!!
    ....and my brother at the start of the post keep doing ya damn!!!!

  3. Rochelle.Baby12/4/11 22:40

    I want to Post This When everyone was Banging on about Likkle Chrissy's new song no one told me it was another dance track DEAD! whats up with them Americans man :(


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