Saturday, 9 April 2011

Something I Think You Should Hear...

Jhene Aiko - Sailing Soul(s)

If you were as big a B2K fan as I was then you would know who Jhene Aiko is.

But in case you wasn't (and if you weren't we need to have some words - B2K were live), Jhene was under the same management as the boy band, her role at the time was to be their cute little sister act who opened all their shows, featured in their videos and lent them her vocal talent whenever they needed a female on a track. Jhene managed to acquire a bit of fame (mainly from B2K fans) but her career basically died when the band dismembered in 2004.
Since then Jhene has not really put out any music, she posted a couple videos to YouTube but other than that she's been really quiet. Oh - but she did have a baby in 2008 for Omarion's younger brother, O'Ryan (who also released music off the back of B2K's success).

Fastfoward to 2011 and Jhene's back with her first mixtape 'Sailing Soul(s)'. This mixtape has definitely set some great foundation for whatever projects Jhene is planning on bringing out next. 'Sailing Soul(s)' isn't a masterpiece but what it is, is damn good music. She has really brought R&B back to what it's meant to be. The mixtape also feature some collaborations with some of the hottest artists, such as, Drake, Kanye West & Miguel. 'Sailing Soul(s)' is a very good look for Jhene and I honestly hope it generates enough buzz to grant her the success she deserved when she made her debut ten years ago because the girl can sing.

Favourites from this mixtape are (1) July ft. Drake, (2) Real Now ft. Lite, Hope & Roosevelt, and (3) Stranger.

As she is yet to release any official videos from 'Sailing Soul(s)', here is her video for 'NO L.O.V.E.' which she brought out in 2003:

Jhene - NO L.O.V.E.

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