Thursday, 14 April 2011

Video Of The Week

I saw this video on WorldStarHipHop and I was amazed. The duo in the video, Karmin, did a wicked job of covering Chris Brown's song 'Look At Me Now'. They definitely owned it; the lady smacked all the verses, they can both sing and  they switched it up to suit their style, her voice, and even her gender. As I know you're going to like this video, I highly recommend you check out Karmin's website, to see more covers and original music from the duo - KARMIN MUSIC

But for now enjoy:

30 Minutes Later...
So I was so taken back by Karmin's cover of 'Look At Me Now', that I became obsessed and watch loads of their videos, and here are my favorite covers from the duo. Be sure to check out their website and watch their videos and let me know what your favourites were. Enjoy:

Karmin - All Of The Lights (Cover) ft. Orlando Dixon

Karmin - What's My Name (Cover)

Karmin - Firework (Cover)

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  1. her breath intake for look at me now is WILD! LOL... i love this



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