Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Why So Serious?

I recently caught up with Chipmunk at the Mercy Prize Awards, and he's revealed that he will be changing his to Chip.
The Champion rapper who is currently taking a break from recording music has said he has decided to shorten his stage name, and knock off the ‘munk’.
When asked what he planned to change his name to, he said, ‘It would only be Chip. If I do it will just be Chip.’
This is a tried and tested method in hip-hop with several rappers choosing to change their names to represent growth, or to purely stay relevant.
The likes of pint size rapper Lil Bow Wow, got rid of the ‘Lil’ in 2003. Southern rapper T.I. seems to have trouble deciding whether to remain as T.I. or to be TIP. Biggie Smalls ended up becoming The Notorious BIG.
But no-one has been more back and forth in the name changing game than mogul Sean Combs. He went from Puff Daddy to Puffy, then it was P. Diddy, and now it’s just Diddy.
Perhaps one day Chip, formerly known as Chipmunk will just be known as C.

Chipmunk - Hustle Hard

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