Monday, 21 February 2011

Shut Up & Drive...To The Hairdressers!!

Before I get into this post I just wanna say to all you die hard Rihanna fans that I'm not a "hater" and I admire Rihanna as an artist. I also believe that Rihanna is one of a few stars that can adapt to various trends and works it as if it was made for her. Finally, I have all her albums and a couple of her songs are in my top played iTunes list. Now that I'm done grovelling, it's time to get down to business; so Rihanna's been trying out this red hair for a hot minute and I for one am not buying it.

The Centre Parting (New Year's Eve @ PURE)
I've blogged about Rihanna's bodged hair before; she obviously didn't read that post because if she had this problem would've been resolved. When I last touched on this subject she was rocking a little curly 'fro and I didn't love it but I liked it. Following on from that, she then rocked the hairstyle in the picture above, and as we can see it's not a good look for her. The main reason why that hairstyle doesn't work is because (and I apologise if that comes out rude) Rihanna's got a big forehead. Now some people can rock big foreheads - I'll get back to you with an example - but Rihanna isn't one of them. Another reason why this hairstyle doesn't quite work is because it's very granny-fied.

The Sideshow Bob Wig (Pre-Grammy Party)
See with this wig, I knew it was obvious that Rihanna was taking the mick, because I don't know what she was thinking; but ofcourse she wasn't thinking. I really didn't understand how this wig co-ordinated with what she was wearing but I'll high five her as the forehead was covered. What amuses me most about this wig is that fact that I'm not the only one who looked at it and was reminded of Sideshow Bob - good times. 

The Monsterous Ponytail (NBA All Star Game)
*Sighs* This ponytail is wrong on sooo many levels. Firstly, ponytails are supposed to be slick. Secondly, I don't know where Rihanna's hairdresser, and I'm using that term extremely loosely, got that piece of weave that he or she stuck on the back of Rihanna's head; somebody needs to get fired. Finally, Rihanna obviously doesn't have any "real" friends because if she did someone would've have told her, "Oooh naa naa" - point blank, Rihanna needs to fix up and stop acting like her hair looks nice and find her way to a proper hairdresser's chair ASAP!

As J. Cole would say, girl you loosing your balance; Rihanna's it's time to go back to what you do best - short hair (preferably with a fringe to cover up your forehead). I was going to end this post by saying, as many say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", but as I'm not a total bitch, I'll end this post by uploading Rihanna's performance from the NBA All Star Game. I can't deny that I enjoyed the performance and I believe Rihanna did a good job but she still can't sing and even if she could sing I'm not looking past that ponytail. Hmmm...maybe I am a bit of a bitch.



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