Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Glamourous Life...

This Post Is Dedicated To An Amazing Friend - Happy Birthday!
Issue 119: February 2011
Magazine cover
Yeah - I Don't Know Who She Is Or What She Does But What I Do Know Is Her Outfit Sucks!
So it's the month of love and my copy of GLAMOUR has just been delivered to my door, and now here I am giving you my best bits from the February issue. This month's cover star is Abbey Clancy and to my surprise I don't know who she is - not off to a great start with this issue. But as I turn the pages of my treasured monthly, I'm reunited with my favourite page, 'Hey, it's OK...' and the best from this month were:
  1. " not want your iPod to go on 'shuffle' at a party. Backstreet Boys are for your ears only"
  2. " machine wash a 'dry-clean only' item with everything crossed. Dry-cleaning bill? You may as well buy another dress"
  3. " have some guys' numbers saved in your phone because you don't ever want to answer them. 'Nuts man from train' or 'creepy ex' are the favourites in the GLAMOUR office"
I've realised that one of the elements I love most about GLAMOUR magazine is all the quirky captions that accompany the pictures; they're actually hilarious. But onto the features, in the 'YouYouYou' section of this issue I enjoyed reading 'How To Be Popular'. This piece was based around tips from author of 'How To Be A People Magnet', Leil Lowndes. As I like to think of myself as people's person, this piece offered me with some top tips and in case you failed, for whatever lame reason, to get yourself this issue, here four types that might just boost your popularity:
  1. Don't smile at people too soon.
  2. Let them 'showpony'.
  3. Self-deprecate, slightly.
  4. Show your vulnerable.
'Your Newest Questions About LOVE & SEX' by Penny Wrenn was a very interesting read. This piece of writing was made up of questions asked by women but answered by handful of male actors, authors, comedians and musicians. What was brillant about this piece was the sheer honesty of all the answers; I particularly enjoyed reading what the gorgeous Kid Cudi had to say about group dates and vajazzling.

"Beware, you're leaving the door wide open for us to think, 'Oh man, why'd she do that?' The female body is fine as it is - more than fine." - Kid Cudi on Vajazzling

With those wise words from the cutie that is Cudi, I'm going to wrap up this month's review of GLAMOUR and wish you all a 'Happy Valentine's Day'.

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