Friday, 18 February 2011

Something I Think You Should Hear...

So I've decided that hibernation is boring and after a quick revamp I'm in love with my blog again - Yay me!

Miguel - All I Want Is You

Every artist's first album sets the tone for the rest of their entire career; some choose to launch themselves on a platform which is beatable, others fail to launch, but then there are the few that launch right off into space - Miguel is a fine example of those who aim for the stars. This dude can SING!! His voice is actually amazing, not only can the brother sing, but he also writes which only makes his music more enjoyable and hella sexy.

The album is entitled, 'All I Want Is You' which shares the same title as the first track he released from the album that featured J. Cole. Miguel's album is the perfect R&B album as he sticks to the classic formula used by so many others however he owns every concept and theme explored by blending his sultry voice with lyrics that showcase his talent for songwriting.

Favourites from this album have to be (1) Quickie, (2) All I Want Is You ft. J. Cole, and (3) Pay Me.

Usually I upload official videos of my favourite track but I think this video does the job nicely. Here's a video of Miguel performing one of my favourite tracks off the album:

Miguel - Quickie

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