Monday, 8 December 2014

Too Late To Apologise?

So as we all know on Sunday Chris Brown headed over to Instagram and aired out his ex-bae Karrueche Tran's dirty laundry for the world to see. 

With the help of a dissertation of a caption Brown informed fans, haters and everybody in between about their former bedroom antics and Miss Tran's jetsetting lifestyle *raises tea cup and takes a sip*

Realising his wrongdoing it didn't take long for the Loyal *takes another sip* singer to delete the post which he then followed with several irrelevant uploads, and clearly after a talk with his "advisors", who are yet to inform Chris that he is too much of a loose cannon to be on social media, he posted the following...

Now I don't for one moment doubt, similar to the post where he put her on blast, that Chris' apology is heartfelt however the damage has been done and it's definitely too late for apologises. I for one hoped the public naming and shaming would continue and as I noted in my previous post I was hoping that both Drake and Rihanna would pour some more fuel on the fire.

But seeing as that is seeming less likely to happen what I will say is that the following points I agree with Chris about regarding his apology are 1. Yes he is dumb and 2. He is way too emotional but at 25 he is old enough to know better especially given he faced a lot worse in his last serious relationship *puts the kettle on*


To be honest once upon a week ago I felt bad for Karrueche but she has allowed herself to be publicly shamed way too many times for any sympathy to be issued.I'm not going to go into too much detail but my biggest problem with Miss Tran is the fact she let people think she was the side chick when in fact she was the main chick while her man went galavanting with his ex-girlfriend which is something I'm still trying to get my head around.Anyway here's what she had to say on Twitter about the current situation with her IG account...

All in all there just really isn't enough tea in the world for any situation that involves Chris Brown because he doesn't understand the art of keeping it cute!

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