Monday, 15 December 2014

Talking For Talking Sake

As the phrase goes 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all' but then where's the fun in that?

Like alot of you, I just wasted 12 minutes of my life watching Beyonce's short film and honestly I don't get why she keeps doing this.

If you're going to make a short film/documentary then please make it worthwhile and let the viewers leave with feeling they learnt something new.

I am, although I don't like to admit it, a big Beyoncé fan but I for one am so tired of her vanity projects, like we know you're beautiful, especially when shot in greyscale, we know you have found a new level of happiness and confidence and yes we are happy for you but would you for once just actually be real.

I almost feel embarrassed for her as she's trying so hard to build a whole new "more intimate" connection with her fans but it's coming across very scripted and way too thought out.

Obviously she can't be a Rihanna or Kim Kardashian, who tweet and Instagram every moment of their lives, but at least if you wanna give us a bit of the personal do it in an authentic way and she can start by actually uploading snaps taken on her iPhone instead of those images from her crystal clear Canon - you ain't fooling nobody!

I feel for Beyoncé as she's that MJ level of celebrity where anything extra beside the music that ends up in the public domain is very calculated and we're now in a generation of spontaneity which is something she clearly hasn't quite grasped the concept of.

Like she's said time and time again she's a perfectionist meaning she has no business teasing us by jumping on IG and Twitter as it's not something she knows how to work well.

Also it's a thing where if she's not gonna let us all the way in then please don't open the front door, heck don't even peep through the curtain and tease us.

I know I'm going on a bit here but it's so frustrating that she keeps alluding to things but then only touches on the surface which now has me thinking she's lying about something because she goes on about all the things she has been through but gives no specifics.

Additionally I was not here for Beyoncé: The Feminist, who then went ahead and called her tour Mrs Carter *sips tea* and I'm definitely not here for Beyoncé: The Humanist - stop trying to sound all conscious and act like you're truly affected by issues, like just sing and use sex appeal to make money.

All in all Beyoncé needs to stop talking and sharing her thoughts and feelings if she isn't game for saying something I actually want to hear, and just to be clear the elevator incident between Solange and Jay Z should be top of the list on her talking points next time she wants to bring out something that isn't a music video!

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