Sunday, 7 December 2014

It just Got Very REAL!

Right so I have not blogged in ages and over the last few weeks I have been considering relaunching this blog and thanks to my fellow Team Taurus mate Chris Brown I'm back!

Now less than 12hrs ago I was telling my colleagues that there needs to be an emergency meeting to get Mr Brown removed from the Taurus gang as he was giving us a bad name, however following his recent Twitter and Instagram posts I'm reconsidering that notion.

Please pay close attention to the following three exhibits...

...And just in case you was not sure who he was referring to because a lot of you don't like to keep up...

Well I have to be up for church in like 4hrs and I need some time to let this well and truly marinate but what I need to happen by the time I wake up can be one or all of the following options:
A. Karrueche needs to respond
B. Drake needs to explain why he is the biggest sideman of the decade
C. Rihanna should just say something because it'd be rude not to
D. Chris Brown should reveal some more about their relationship 

As we all know there are several sides to a story (and even more when Drake is involved - it's not everyday sometimes find your own girl) and before Chris went IN, Miss Tran had a few words of her own which of course I have kindly listed below...

ps. Please excuse any typos I just had to say something, lol!

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