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The Glamourous Life...

Issue 118: January 2011
Magazine cover
Personal Opinion: I Adore Kylie - Such An Icon!
It's been a while but I'm back and what better way to pronounce my emergence from my slumber other than to review this month's issue of GLAMOUR. Gracing the first issue of GLAMOUR 2011 is the music and style icon Kylie Minogue and just as Dannii did in November 2010, Kylie looks stunning which makes for a very pretty cover.

So if you're like me this year you didn't make any resolutions and instead you're taking 2011 how ever it chooses to present itself to you, and to prove that I'm not alone in embracing a resolution-less year this month's 'Editor's Letter' by Jo Elvin (the Editor of GLAMOUR - duuhhh) backs my point up.

Unfortunately this month I didn't have a favourite 'Hey it's OK...' because I have three - yes, three and here they are:
  1. " come up with a whole load of laundry, just so your lucky pants will be clean for tomorrow"
  2. "...if you don't know what to say sometimes (just say, "I don't know what to say")"
  3. " still squabble like a five year old whenever you're with your siblings" 
'Love & Sex Rules (I Live By)' was a very insightful piece put together using relationship tips from 12 different women. I think the piece worked will because when it comes to issues such as love and sex reading one person's ideology can either be very helpful or of no use at all depending on whether or not you agree with their theory. Therefore having twelve voices means that one person out of a dozen is destined to have the same view as you and from reading these women's tips I have now assembled my list.

'Need A Lift' was a list compelled by Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky of 33 tips that will result in creating a happier version of yourself. I enjoyed this piece because it works really well with the theme of the "new year, new start" and the bottom line is we all want to be happy, don't we?

Overall this issue is a good start for GLAMOUR; so until February (the month of luurrrvvvveeeee) stay glamourous and don't forget to eat some ice cream - Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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